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Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.
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Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.

Fisting (translated from English. Lang. Fist - fist) - a kind of BDSM direction, when the vagina or the anus introduced a few fingers, palm of the hand (sometimes to the elbow) or even a leg or head ..

Fisting can be practiced as a partner, and without it. Perhaps for some it may seem appalling and unacceptable, but if the right approach to this issue and comply with all councils, the fisting will bring pleasure to both partners.


1. During fisting it is important to communicate with your partner, so it will be much easier to relax, and so you can find out what he likes or dislikes.

2. Find a comfortable position in which can keep eye contact with your partner.

3. Do not forget the manicure: cut the nails, remove burrs, stay clean hands.

4. Shoot before fisting all rings and bracelets.

5. Use as much as possible, water-based lubricant and keep it close to her.

6. It is advisable to use the smooth latex gloves (especially if there are sores on the hands). Gloves must protect the partner from possible scratching fingernails, as well as the risk of contracting an infection.

7. Before fisting is very important prelude, during which it is desirable to maximize the partner institute.

8. The woman will be much easier to relax if you engage in fisting after she reached orgasm, as her vaginal and anal muscles will be more relaxed this time.

9. The first time it is advisable not to enter into the vagina or anus of the whole hand - this should be done slowly, each time increasing the number of fingers moving at the same time deeper.

10. Prior to anal fisting for 30-60 minutes is desirable to do an enema.

11. Vaginal fisting is not recommended to do when the woman is menstruating.

12. It is extremely important during fisting not hurry!

Types fisting techniques

1. Fisting joints (bones) of the fingers. Near the opening of the vagina or the anus finger bones move in a circular motion. These movements will bring unusual excitement, especially if it is to do around the anus.

2. Fisting his hand. Enter the palm of the vagina or the anus, pressing his thumb inside the palm and fingers, leaving straight. Must include the slow movement should resemble frictions.

3. Wave your fingers. When the palm is in the vagina or the anus completely, you can create a movement of the fingers, similar to the waves.

4. Fisting to the elbow. Warning - this is not for beginners! Even experts in the field must be extremely cautious and careful. First you need to slowly introduce your fingers, palm, and with every movement to move farther and farther away. It is important to use lots of lube and keep eye contact with your partner! The main objective of this technique is not to enter as deeply as possible (very few who really can not), but to give pleasure to your partner.

5. The feeling inside the vagina or the intestine. This should be done very carefully, trying to move the hand and fingers, slowly and gently.

6. Fisting fist. If you compress the vagina hand into a fist, then so will be harder to encourage point-G.

Poses for vaginal and anal fisting

There are three basic poses for fisting:

1 - Lie on your back. The woman lies on her back, bending your knees. Partner in the meantime there is honey of her legs. For added convenience, you can put a pillow under your buttocks women.

2 - Lying on your side. The woman lies on her side, lifting one leg up. In order not to keep the leg itself, for the convenience of putting her on the shoulder of a partner who lies on his side, but head to the feet of your partner (the pose is similar to "69" on the side).

3 pose a similar В«Doggy styleВ», but in this case, a woman on her knees, leaning his elbows on the floor so that the pelvis was lifted up.

possible health risk

anus is extremely sensitive, so it's important to do everything carefully. Sharp objects, sharp movements may contribute to scratches, injuries or allergic reaction to any material.

Also, it is equally important to understand that in the anus are bacteria and microorganisms that may not be the most beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the vagina. The greatest risk during the henbolinga (anal fisting) of exposure to sexually transmissible diseases, including AIDS and HIV, which can be transmitted with the blood or feces. So make sure to use latex gloves is recommended.

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