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Replacing the "House-2": Sobchak and Buzova replace Brezhnev and Kadono.

As we know, no one is irreplaceable. That's even boring to many, but still present, the project "Dom-2" proves that truth ..

Recently, a rumor that the main host of the show Ksenia Sobchak, who won fame thanks to him, goes out of sight of millions of viewers, was confirmed. It will replace another bright blonde - singer Vera Brezhnev. Dismissal is also shining and Olga Buzov, which has achieved the status of great difficulty leading a reality - now to discuss the actions of the participants will be black magician Vlad Kadono.

about an unexpected change of the leading parties began to speak in February, but then no one and could not believe that such a shark as Sobchak, can easily shift. But apparently, her active citizenship, permanent appearance on opposition rallies and saying on Twitter that are unrelated to the theme of the project do not have, tired of the organizers of the "House-2". Besides, the Xenia has repeatedly stated that he was pleased to change their place in the frontal in the "perimeter" on the fate of a serious journalist. We see her now really have to change the love of millions of viewers the show to be respected in the society of those who have never included the TNT channel.

In turn, Brezhnev in 2008 to try his luck in the stormy elements of television - it has become a flagship program "The Magic of the ten" on the First Channel. Then she became a version of the magazine Glamour В«Anchorman of the year", after which she joined the comic show "South Butovo." 2011 ended well for the singer on the screen in a leading role - blonde led the reality of life in the army "special assignment". It seems that the "House-2", it is now easy to manage. Although the singer about what exactly it will be replaced Sobchak, does not confirm.

Olga Buzova also decided to replace it with another former member of the show Vlad Kadono. The guy also has a successful experience on the TV the first time he appeared in the framework of the "Battle of the Psychics," which became a finalist for 11 seasons and won the love of many fans of the paranormal, its fame as a magician at the time the project "Dom-2", which he had leave due to a quarrel with his family Agibalova, as he was one of the heroes of the show "Intuition", which just fought the hated many Irina Alexandrovna.

Perhaps becoming a leading it to fulfill the dream of thousands of spectators and drive "telebabushku."

founder of the same project, Valery Komissarov confident in the success of such a change of persons. He hinted at it earlier this year, "Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina and Ksenia Sobchak so fed up with the audience that it was time to shuffle the deck top. Our choice fell on Vera Brezhnev and Vlad Kadono. Brezhnev's intelligent, well known, it has excellent sense of humor, has extensive experience leading.

candidacy Kadono argued for a long time: it was a lot of enemies and those who did not see him as a leading "- previously conveyed the author's words show portal" FederalPress. "

Then no one that this statement did not take seriously, but now there was a confirmation of the operation. Some of those close to the idea of the project said that the change of the main parties have already occurred: "The fact that Xenia fired from her own hidden until recently. Up until that first shot with her transfer, and then waited until she left, with the new lead "- reports the words of an informant portal

touches it Ksenia Borodina, it is not clear. But the fact that she has found a second job (she was leading the show "Cinderella. Reloaded", and also announced that it will be the master of ceremonies with joy at family celebrations all comers), may be evidence of manipulation of the organizers of the "House-2". Who will be her replacement, and is not reported. But over time, all finally fall into place.

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