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Spartak are not in the list of the best: Results World Cup Russia ..

The Russian football amazing event occurred - the list of 33 best was only three players of the club, which won the silver medal. .

Goalkeeper of "Spartacus" Andrei Dikan drafters chose to list missed six months Guest Book and Anton Shunina. There was no place among the best Artem Dzuba, the hero ending championship.

RFU executive committee on Tuesday approved a list of 33 best players of the championship Rossii-2011/12. The list was compiled by Technical Committee, taking into account the views of the RFU Premier League clubs who provided their own versions of the best players in the championship.

most representative club in the menu "cream" of domestic football, expectedly, was a gold medalist "Zenith", delegated nine players. Six players caught up in the prestigious ranking in favor of CSKA. "Dynamo" and "Ruby" seconded to the list of the top four football player, "Anji" and "Locomotive" - three. "Kuban" settled for "silver" Lasinio Traore in the "Left Wing".

Where is the "Spartacus", a silver medalist? Do not panic, ladies and gentlemen in red and white scarves. Valery Karpin football team is listed. But the number is surprisingly small.

Dmitry Kombarov was the third in a battle for the best left midfielder Aiden McGeady finished second in the battle of right midfielder, and Emmanuel Emenike won bronze in the tournament right forwards. This is, in fact, everything. For comparison: in the 2010 ranking in the top nine players went to CSKA - the club, who took second place.

about how hard "Spartacus" dalos money that you can talk a long time. Yes, red and white coin, we can say vygryzli, snatched literally "on the flag." Rarely, they spoiled the beautiful football is not always won on the outside, the mood, as, for example, in St. Petersburg in a fight a week ago. But the opponents? With the "Zenith" all clear. "Zenith" - the champion, the best team in Russia. But where are the others? CSKA won the second stage of the three games, "Locomotive" as if in a spasm of feverish, inspired, combinational play "Dynamo" completely vanished, "Ruby" has received the status of the most mysterious team of the country, 'Anji' is a serious raskurazhilsya only in the end.

However, Spartak in the list of cat laugh.

In the fight for second place "Spartacus" enemies defeated. A list of 33 conceded on all counts.

Nominees in the role of "opornik" and "central midfielder," perhaps, obvious. Igor Denisov and Roman Shirokov - the leaders of the "Zenith", Alan Dzagoev and Denis Glushakov - Hope team. It was clear that Rafael Carioca and Demy de Zeuv, mercilessly criticized by fans, they will not have a rivalry. Silver with silver, but Spartak were legionnaires unconvincing.

no surprises and no one of the best defenders of Spartak. In defense of the red and white looked really does not matter. 48 goals conceded - proof of that.

The rest of the list of solutions writers seem controversial. First, with respect to Artem and Andrey Dikan Dziuba.

В«This is a very promising player. In "Spartacus" stiff competition, is worthy of legionnaires, but Dziuba constantly plays at the base. It means a lot. He proved that deserves a call to the team, "- said the head coach of the Dzuba national team of Russia Advocaat. Dzuba, without exaggeration, be called a hero of the final part of the championship. Largely because of his goals from "Spartacus" has won medals.

But the creators have decided to list what place among the best strikers in the championship Dziuba not.

first position in the role of "Left Wing" occupied Seydou Doumbia (here, of course, no question), the second - Traore, who scored 18 goals in a season, but "Kuban" from the eighth places are not pulled out, the third - the disgraced Dynamo Andriy Voronin, the extravaganza in 2011, and in 2012 settled on the bench.

pure striker Voronin can be called a stretch. At the "Dinamo", which he will soon leave, Ukrainian acted rather as an organizer of attacks, rather than the tip of the spear. He played frequently at the center than on the left, which is usually on duty Alexander Kokorin. However, the list is compiled according to a strictly defined scheme of "4-4-2." The drafters decided to follow the official information - in the application "Dynamo" Voronin is listed as a striker.

best "right winger" expected, was named Alexander Kerzhakov, senior scored "Zenith". Then - again, strange. The drafters decided that the goals Emenike "Locomotive", CSKA and "Zenith" are worth less than the balls of the millionaire Samuel Eto'o. Well, for the sake of Emenike reporters CNN interview, of course, do not drive, and earns less than Emmanuelle 20 times. The table tournament only "Spartacus" "Anji" ahead.

Dikan, as we know, the "silver" matches "Spartacus" did not take part. But the success of the red and white played, of course, the role vital. Ukrainian goalkeeper played a consistently high level, the gates defended selflessly. Dedication to such an extent that he was no European Championship. In a collision with Kerzhakov Dikan seriously injured person from whom has not recovered to this day.

the other hand, found a place under the sun, Guest Book, missed 16 games season.

Army goalkeeper was treated for six months, but the list of 33 hit. The second, crucial, stage Akinfeev played, of course, well, no crashes. But it is not fantastic, but CSKA did not fulfill the tasks.

At Euro Akinfeev go. Formerly a leading position in the national team of Igor seemed unshakable. But not now, after six months of inactivity. This is evidenced by attorney. Opponents Akinfeeva in the team - Vyacheslav Malafeev, winner of the "competition", and Anton Shunin, number three ranking. "Bronze" keeper "Dynamo" is questionable. Successful matches 25-year-old goalkeeper alternated with inconspicuous. High-profile failures was not, but often, Anton, shall we say, not rescued.

efforts of the technical committee of the RFU and the wishes of the Russian club "Spartak" was almost anti-record set. Among the silver medalists smaller representation in the list of 33 had only a "Zenith" -2003.

It is clear that in the registry of the best players come to be a lot of national team of Russia. Outside the prestigious ranking, however, "collections" are also accumulated enough - above and Dziuba Kokorin, unable to overshadow Danny Andrei Arshavin, Igor Semshov, Konstantin Zyryanov, Magomed Ozdoyev, Roman Pavlyuchenko and Roman Sharonov.

This two players are in the list of 33, but ended up in a list of lawyers. This Burlak and midfielder "Dynamo" Alexander Samedov, great speaker in 2011 and was very unattractive in 2012.

And finally, the Legionnaires. Whatever is said about the power of the now existing limit Sergey Fursenko, players from outside the list of the best is enough - 15 people.

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