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Fugitive ex-head of the Federal Security Service of the Volgograd region surrendered to the investigation.

Declared in federal search escaped while escorting a former head of the department to combat extremism and protect the constitutional order of the FSB in the Volgograd region, Peter Samara voluntarily surrendered to the investigating authorities ..

Recall, according to the press service of the SS UPC RF for the Volgograd region, 38-year-old Samara, Peter is involved in a criminal case, brought up on charges of fraud. It was established in May 2005, Peter Samara demanded CEO of one of the Volgograd enterprises money for exemption from liability in a criminal case, while it is in the SB FSB of the region, as well as for protection. The businessman agreed and gave the trustee of Samara - Sergei Akhmetov - 60 tons of diesel fuel, gained 350 thousand rubles of which were handed over to Samara.

Then, from 2006 to autumn 2008, a businessman Akhmetov on a monthly basis for the Samara passed 100 thousand rubles. The total amount of bribes amounted to more than two million rubles.

fall of 2008, Sergey Akhmetov and Viktor Macs and other dirt with the possible use of one of the smuggling business, which was engaged in buying and selling jewelry, reported this to Samara, then to offer its services to address the problem. First, Samara considered unconfirmed information. Then Akhmetov and Macs in the guise of the FSB in September 2008 came to one of the vendors of the trader, where we found documents confirming the sale of allegedly smuggling. In the end supposedly started testing they received 189,000 rubles.

In October 2008, under the guise of Macs FSB officer again met with a businessman, said the alleged ongoing with regard to testing and required for its termination of 100 000 euros at once, and then - 10 000 euros per month for "protection." To the entrepreneur does not delay the negotiations, he was summoned to the FSB for a conversation, Peter Samara, and in December 2008 about the building of the FSB businessman Akhmetov gave 200,000 rubles, which he had to pass Samara, but did not because he was arrested by the FSB and the police field.

In December 2008, Colonel Peter Samara was fired from his position on the initiative of the Board of FSB and the Russian Federal Security Service director's order for non-contract terms on service. May 22, 2009 as part of the case, he was detained in Moscow, but being in convoy in the Tambov region, escaped. The search for an escaped were including in the Volgograd and the Volgograd region. Relatives of Mr. Samara turned to the authorities and law enforcement agencies asking for help in his search for and speculated that he might be killed during transport from Moscow to Volgograd.

Nevertheless, Mr. Samara was alive and voluntarily surrendered to the military investigation department of the SC TFR in Volgograd region. He is currently detained.

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