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Crime May Day in Astrakhan.

Mayday Astrakhan met quietly, without much incident - at least not reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Astrakhan region, parallel counting the number of participants of mass parades. .

Thus, the Communists, as calculated by the Astrakhan police have collected only 100 people, and the unions have brought to the rally five times as many of our countrymen. Public order is not violated.

But not all sunshine in one of the units of Astrakhan, where the company commander organized a massive collection of bribes to the soldiers.

Right 15 "Defenders of the Motherland," chipped in 35 thousand rubles. To avoid military service. Total Commander has received over half a million rubles. As revealed this "werewolves in epaulets" - is unknown, most likely, the captain or shared with colleagues, or some of the recruits, who did not have the financial ability to provide the commander with "paw", said to be. Now the "commander-Pops" "shine" from 5 to 10 years in prison.

Not all is quiet in the areas of the region. In Enotaevsky near 52-year-old grandfather was given a period of remission in danger of his grandson, whose guardian he was. Enotaevets left the child alone at home, he fell from his chair and hit his head. To the doctors did not treat his grandfather, grandson and even complained. As a result, the child died, and his grandfather was given eight months ispravrabot - he fully admitted his guilt.

Chernoyarsky Farmer of the district for the sale attracted 200 sheep suffering from brucellosis. "In consequence of all the distressed animal brucellosis carried by unidentified persons outside of the Astrakhan region," police said. Why such certainty that unknown persons had sold the sheep is in another region, not within our area - history is silent ...

Farmer is preparing for a conviction under Art. 249 of the Criminal Code ("Violation of veterinary regulations, negligently caused the spread of" Brucellosis, "or other serious consequences").

Finally, Volodarsky District! It revealed just three organized crime groups that are hunted "illegal fishing in the canals rybohodnyh Volodarsky district." And you say - we have done away with the OPG!

Vlad Napalm

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