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Dissatisfied customer defeated dealer Nissan.

Angered by long waiting car repair from a customer of one of Moscow Nissan dealers defeated him. The man took the wheel off-road vehicle and rammed the glass windows, entered the showroom ..

April 7 driver Suzuki Grand Vitara, breaking through the glass walls of the showroom in a few places, broke two demonstration and one test drayvovskuyu machine.

In comments to the video mentioned that in the fury of a customer showroom fell after a three-hour wait out the car from the repair zone.

few days, "Pelican Slide" incident refrained from comment, but today at the dealer's website published a statement to customers and employees of the press and video cameras with indoor and outdoor surveillance.

If you believe the statement showroom, one of his regular customers came to pick up your car from a Nissan Navara body repair, produced in the direction of the insurance company. Previously the client has chosen convenient for him time and date: 15 hours 30 minutes, on April 7.

" at 15:22 went to the salon and greeted by the administrator

" at 15:23 went to the bar after-sales service, and announced his arrival. Manager informed the inspector-masters of the arrival of the client and the client asked to wait

" at 15:24 sits on a sofa near the receiving body shop

" at 15:31 suited to the acceptance of body shop

" at 15:38 knocking at the reception and sits down at the table to the master-inspector, master inspector informs him that his car was preparing to issue another master inspector, and asks the client to wait in the hall (machine ready located on the far parking lot, and moving takes 10-15 minutes)

" Shrubs at 15:41 MA out of the acceptance and sits on the couch

" at 15:46 suited to the service manager and said that he would go outside to smoke

" at 15:49 to the street

" at 15:52 back to the salon and goes to the counter service manager said that the car is prepared

" at 15:53 out of the cabin on the customer parking in front of the building and sits in a Suzuki

" leaves at 15:55 from the client parking in front of the building and drove up to the barrier at the parking service for customers

" at 15:57 on suv Suzuki returned to the area of customer parking in front of the building, goes to the pedestrian sidewalk that runs along the facade of the building, and begins to ram the car front.

What was the reason for the inadequate behavior of the client's car dealership, find out the effect.

While on the site "Pelican-Auto" reported on the fact that the incident a criminal case under Art. 167 Part 2, provides for imprisonment up to five years.

Lawyers showroom believe that the crime should be classified at least two more items: 30 Part 3 (preparation of a crime) and Article 105, Part 2 (murder of two or more persons) of the Criminal Code provides for imprisonment for period of 8-20 years.

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