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The Chinese people's drugs cause cancer.

The Chinese people's drugs cause cancer of the urinary tract.

Chinese popular drugs cause cancer of the urinary tract

Chinese folk drug based on extracts birthwort were the main reason for such a high incidence of urinary tract cancer among residents of the island of Taiwan, where these drugs are extremely popular, and their turnover is in no way limited to, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the publication in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

birthwort, plants of the genus Aristolochia, often found in the use of sorcery and religious rites of many peoples around the world. Ancient people believed that the extract from the leaves and stems of these plants are successfully helping women give birth, protect from snake venom, and many other ailments.

birthwort cells contain a toxic substance - aristolohovuyu acid, chronic use of which leads to kidney disease - malfunction of the kidneys.

group of biologists led by Eun-Shiau Pu from the National Taiwan University in Taipei drew attention to the fact that the island of Taiwan, there is the world's highest incidence of cancer of the urinary tract. Moreover, among its inhabitants have a tradition of self-potions on the basis birthwort.

for social surveys, about one-third of the 200,000 residents of Taiwan respondents had used drugs or therapeutic use, based on extracts of Aristolochia.

aristolohovoy acid molecules can connect with the molecules of DNA in cells of the urinary tract and other parts of the body and thereby cause a "reshuffle" in their structure. In some cases, replacing the correct nucleotides - "brick" of DNA - in the wrong can lead to fatal mutations, shut-off system to protect the genome and cell death.

Pu Yi and his colleagues have studied the structure of the genome of tumor cells extracted from the urinary tract 151 patients Taiwanese hospitals, suffering from cancer.

In half of the colonies of cancer cells, scientists have found mutations in the gene p53, which is responsible for the synthesis of a protein of the same name "guardian of the genome." In all but one case, failure occurred due to the replacement of the genome nucleotide to another. In most cases, a fatal failure of the gene was due to the fact that a molecule tyrosine was replaced by a molecule of adenine and vice versa. Similar changes occur in cells and in laboratory experiments in which biologists have turned the culture of healthy cells into cancer cells by adding acid to the nutrient medium.

As they note, this pattern of mutations characteristic of other diseases of the urinary tract - Balkan nephropathy, which are hotbeds in certain parts of Bosnia, Croatia and other countries of the peninsula from 1920.

is believed that this endemic disease has arisen due to the fact that the seeds birthwort lomonosovidnogo often found in barns and acid are absorbed into the body of local residents, along with the bread.

How to find Poo and his colleagues, the government of Taiwan and other countries should monitor and limit the spread of drugs based on birthwort "in order to avoid a big problem for the health of society."

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