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In Astrakhan, a rally in support Shein has grown into a procession.

A rally in Astrakhan in protest against the violations of the election for Mayor of the city, has grown into an unauthorized march to the building oblizbirkoma, which is attended by several dozen people.

Call to go to the Election Commission has put forward the building itself, Oleg Shein at a rally held on the steps of building the city committee on urban planning in the area which is hunger. Among the slogans chanted protesters who have been "Shame Zhilkin!" (Alexander Zhilkin, Governor of the Astrakhan region). During the rally, the crowd were seen instigators of the movement "Nashi". One of them threw a piece of paper in speaking at the time of Oleg Shein.

According to the correspondent, some of the participants in the pro-Kremlin movement has been seen today at Astrakhan airport, where they met with opposition leaders, who arrived in Astrakhan to support the hungry.

protesters managed to pass in the direction oblizbirkoma only two houses, after the police blocked them at the crossroads of the Soviet street. After that, the procession began in the opposite direction. After a 200 meters to a central square, people have put three tents.

According to the correspondent "Gazety.Ru" at the moment is delayed at least one rally.

The correspondent added that he Oleg Shein is a "very painful", he was "pale and emaciated."

Earlier Tuesday, before the procession began to supporters Shein, one of the areas of Astrakhan - Kirov Square - held a rally supporting the alternate elected mayor of the townspeople. According to eyewitnesses, an area of about 200 people gathered, with some Russian agencies reported on the 2000 crowd.

В«rode in a car, it was roughly 200 people, but I saw only one sector of the crowd," - said an eyewitness.

former candidate for mayor of Astrakhan spravedlivoross Oleg Shein and his supporters have a 26-day hunger strike in protest against the elections took place, in their view, large-scale fraud. Earlier it was reported that the "Fair Russia" received video from all the polling stations. This was one of the requirements of the hunger strikers.

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