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Glucose - idolatress Ilya Lagutenko.

"The Girl-sweetie" Glucose, or in the world Natasha Ionova visited our city for the second time.

And while she sang, not all live and professional choreography or crazy special effects at a concert in Green Theater was not, however, viewers were satisfied. There is something for Natasha, which can be described as subtly-positive. All the fans, she tried to give full attention to someone pozhala hand, someone shoot two, even at the scene and removed them all dancing with a song.

And after the concert journalists, came at a press conference, could be convinced that the life of Natasha is the same as on the stage: a simple, friendly, and absolutely nezvezdnaya.

- You're not the first time in Stavropol. Local attractions had to see?

- Only Circus and Green Theater. I would be happy anywhere visited, but no time at all. Cities are changing all the time. Here is our current itinerary: Chelyabinsk - Moscow - Stavropol. And from Stavropol tomorrow again fly to Moscow to do a photo session for the famous brand, which produces the youth clothing.

- How to rest from the tour?

- I recently went to Turkey. In the rest, a bath, sunbathing. (For Natasha really is a beautiful tan. - IB). Catching crabs.

- Turkey recognize?

- Well known, of course, but not as often as in Russia.

- Many performers are brought to the cinema. It would like to try in the line of?

- I find it very interesting, but so far there is no time. Already there were even suggestions, for example, pull in rimeyke film "The Queen of petrol." But in general, cast the experience I have, I took it in five sets "Eralasha Boris Grachevskogo.

- A love to go to the movies?

- Yes, of course. My favorite movie - "Pearl Harbor", love all movies with Jackie Chan, "Day after tomorrow."

- Do you have a very merry musicians. Where are they?

- The guys from Yekaterinburg and Moscow. From Max Fadeev they work long ago, I met with them when the project an "Glucose." With the guys I have good, trusting relationship.

- The most unexpected and memorable gift that you have fans?

- There are many. But, of course, the most remembered things by their own hands. Such gifts, I keep at home.

- What is the question you would like to ask itself, and how to respond to it?

- would ask: "What's next?" but the question had not received a reply ...

- Remember, what you spent his first royalty?

- Oh, I bought the collar for Duke, home bought a cake, because first you have to pay to buy a cake. Well, so, in the detail.

- Is it true that you sometimes take a tour with his dobermana Duke?

- No, I do not take the Duke, this is cheating, rumors. Dog with a drive is not possible. Today, we flew to the North the morning, then were in Moscow and came to you. Just imagine that it would be with a dog after such a trip?

- Prepare love?

- Prepare like, but I can not. While there, I can pozharit omelet, dumplings can cook. I love to go to McDonald's. I like chizburger, potatoes. A favorite ice cream - "Glucose."

- Last year you said that the few who communicate a musical hangouts. Circle of Friends star has since been expanded?

- Well, the second "factory" druzhu: from Nartsissom, Savicheva, Irakli. Then "Monokini" Ivanushki. As friends? Zdorovaemsya, welcomed it. Particularly there is no time to communicate with their kids on tour, I have to. As it were, together with Mumiy Troll on customized concert duet singing. I do very Ilya Lagutenko like I rabid fan!

- Priedesh to us again?

- If you invite. I really like Stavropolskaya audience. Such energy!

- What would you want your stavropolskim fans?

- Remain the same emotional. And, of course, platitudes: happiness, health and success in everything!

During the interview, one man all the time dostaval Natasha stupid questions. Glucose patiently answered. When interviewed by journalists after he came to her pictures, she was the most innocent kind of wondered:

- Tell me and you today that your birthday?

- Yes! How did you guess?

- Do you peregar!

turns out that Natasha have a good sense of humor ...

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