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On Wednesday, the first funerals will be killed in a plane crash in the Pacific-72 Tyumen.

Relatives of those killed in a plane crash in Tyumen are busy preparing for the funeral: the first will be held Wednesday at the funeral ..

Identified nearly all the victims of the accident. Meanwhile, investigators are inclined to believe that the ATP-72 crashed due to icing of the wings, which were not treated with a special liquid.

entire Tyumen Tuesday continued to relatives of those killed and injured in the crash ATP-72, crashed during takeoff from the airport Roshchino. Some of them came to see their loved ones in hospitals in Tyumen, but most get to Tyumen, with only one purpose - to the identification, execution of the death and subsequent funeral.

В«People travel from all over: who from Surgut, who is from Tobolsk were from Moscow. Who is better, prefer to travel by car, someone came by train, we met them on Monday night. The last plane with relatives flew in from Moscow at 3.00 local time "- says one member of staff in the aftermath of the accident.

We talk in the hotel "Vostok", located in the center of Tyumen, where the provincial government settled the non-resident family members of victims of the crash. Immediately after it became aware of the tragedy, officials booked in the "East" 100 seats. That was too much: it turned out that most of the victims - the locals. "We did everything in a hurry, not knowing the actual number of those who attend. So, just in case "- says the source.

As a result, the "East" came only 12 people that the entire first half Tuesday to spend in the morgue at the 2nd Regional Hospital at the Tyumen identification of their relatives. The remaining places were taken by journalists in Moscow - if possible, psychologists have tried to breed the press and relatives of the victims in different parts of the hotel.

At 16.30 local time on the site of the crash was planned memorial service for victims and installation of an Orthodox cross.

But go to the crash site were able to only those who have already identified their loved ones: the rest (although there were many) at this time were still standing in line at the morgue.

room, where the identification took place, the morgue was only nominally: the regional authorities placed the bodies of the victims of cultural and recreation center "Hope." In the lobby, men of all ages have tried to hold back the emotions, the feelings will give a woman, going to a loud wailing cry. At the entrance on duty several dozen riot police officers, police and emergency situations. Some relatives of the "Hope" under the arm summed psychologists.

Immediately after the disaster arrived in Tyumen Emergency psychologists from all over Russia, on the one relative had a few specialists, all of them were involved in about 200, said, "" in the MOE to Tyumen region.

to 15.00 Moscow time have been identified in a total of 23 out of 31 victims. After a process of identification, the relatives should have received a death certificate and are ready to prepare the funeral costs for which have undertaken the Tyumen power with the support of local funeral directors.

investigation of the collapse of little interest to those who came with the identification. "Well, they hold the expertise, they do something - to sense that? Man will not come back, "- said one of the emerged from the" Hope ".

Wednesday in Tyumen begin a three-day mourning period, and must pass the first funeral of the victims in the crash. Most likely, they said, "" in the operational headquarters, will be buried those who were first recognized: "The first representatives of the crew, they seem, and will be buried." CF Sergei Antsin, according to "Gazety.Ru", will be buried in Surgut, where he came from.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, it became known that the Federal Air Transport Agency and the Investigation Committee which is investigating a criminal investigation into the crash, more inclined to believe that the cause of the fall of the APR-72 became airframe icing, in particular, of the wings.

Tuesday morning the experts of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) announced the preliminary data decoding black boxes. As reported in the Mac, ATP-72 engines were working until the very end. Thus, the version has been denied, is to ensure that the ATP-72 during takeoff rejected one of the engines. "Of course, the MAC is likely to be working more than one month. During the decoding of black boxes, they had to understand how the engines worked. But it is now clear that they were working, which means that this version does not hold water, "- said" "a source in the Federal Air Transport Agency, working at the crash site.

He confirmed that the ATP-72 for some reason had not been treated with liquid anti-icing, as should have been at low temperatures. "If the plane is not processed in the parking lot on him and on his wings form a crust of ice. This changes the whole crust of the aerodynamics of the aircraft. The wings are designed so that air was evenly - at the top of the wing and on the bottom. When icing the ice changes the flow of wind, pressure on the wing, too, is changing as a result of aircraft apply bank, "- said the source. Asia-Pacific region are sensitive to frost, they need the constant anti-icing treatment, he said.

However, the Federal Air Transport Agency are not going to prohibit the operation of these aircraft, as it did in the U.S. after a similar accident in 1994.

В«The problem is not related to the type of aircraft. It could be absolutely any aircraft. The problem is that someone did not do what should have been, "- said at a briefing the head of Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko.

In the near future, investigators must find out who is responsible for the fact that the plane had not been treated with anti-icing fluid: airport employees, technical employees "UTair" or killed the captain of the aircraft.

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