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Trade Unions of Russia demanded to cancel the election results in Astrakhan.

Statement of the Executive Committee of the Confederation of Labour of Russia "On the situation surrounding the election March 4, 2012 Mayor of Astrakhan '..

18th day continues, launched March 16 this year indefinite hunger strike to draw attention to the frauds in the recent March 4 election for mayor of Astrakhan. In the hunger strike involving more than 20 people, among them - a former candidate for mayor of Astrakhan, the union leader, a member of the Confederation of Labour of Russia Oleg Shein. Hunger strikers demand to cancel the results of the elections the mayor of Astrakhan.

actions of regional and municipal authorities, as well as central government inaction caused public outrage.

Confederation of Labour of Russia before treatment directed to the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitri Medvedev, the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and Chairman of the Central Election Commission Vladimir Churov asking to understand the situation and take action against those responsible for violations.

on the situation in Astrakhan clear position expressed by the Council under the President of Russia on the development of civil society and human rights.

Aimed at Astrakhan special Commission of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, in its report pointed to the evidence of serious violations of election laws on the election of the head of the city of Astrakhan.

Working Group of the CEC of Russia, conducted spot checks of 17 PEC of the city, in every serious breach of law established by the PEC members and employees of the Interior Ministry.

CCT Executive Committee believes that further delay on the part of the state, a decision on the recognition of past presidential elections in Astrakhan city, Russia inconsistent with the electoral legislation and the repeal of the results is unreasonable, contrary to the principles of humanity and justice.

Executive Committee TEC refers to the leadership of a political party "United Russia" with a proposal to initiate an immediate resignation, "elected" head of the city of Astrakhan, Mikhail Stolyarov.

Executive Committee of the TEC requires management MIA immediate dismissal from the ranks of police officers, condoned violation of the law at the ballot box, as well as taking a personal part in these violations.

Executive Committee of the TEC, requires the prosecution and investigation, speedy investigation of the PEC members and employees of the Interior Ministry, whose actions led to rigged elections of the city of Astrakhan.

President Boris Kravchenko, CTE,

Pavlov, Chairman of the TEC, IN,

Secretary General CTE SA Kovalev

April 3, 2012, Moscow

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