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In Volgograd a monument to Vladimir Putin.

The authorities of the Volgograd region hatching plans to perpetuate the image of Vladimir Putin. .

Also elected president of Russia, intravital personal sculptural portraits in Volgograd at risk to get Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

These statues can make a single sculptural group with blacksmiths victory over Nazi Germany, as Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt and Charles de Gaulle. The bold ideas of the authorities in the region by a radical transformation of the central promenade of the regional capital, voiced by himself before the governor, Sergei Bozhenova, experts perceived a very ambiguous.

According to the head of the Volgograd region in 2015 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Victory in Volgograd is planned to invite the delegation heads of states - members of the anti-Hitler coalition, headed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leaders of the CIS.

В«Citizens of the former Soviet Union - the mighty powers - a line of defense was held on the bank of the Volga, burrowing into the earth, - explained the choice of governor for the next historic meeting of Heads of State. - This was the last line of defense. Therefore, a large-scale project called "Quay Victory." Are supposed to be busts heads of state who took part in the struggle against Hitler's Germany, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt and de Gaulle. Accordingly, the architects have already arrived from St. Petersburg, arrived two days ago, an architect from France. It is also expected to set the busts of four heads of state to be (present) on the 70th anniversary of Victory. Accordingly, the new U.S. president, the new French president, prime minister of Great Britain and our head of state of Russia. "

Sergei Bozhenov suggested that the above project will equip the hero-city Volgograd and lay the foundations of patriotic education and ideology, which, as the governor complained, now do not. "The ideology of love for the country, the ideology to protect their land, the ideology of the senior honor the memory of ancestors, the memory of heroes. I think it's positive impact on the public mind ", - concluded the head of the region's own description of the coming large-scale celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory over Nazi Germany.

Volgograd Regional Duma deputy Andrey Popkov believes that the idea of the appearance of the monument in Volgograd, Vladimir Putin has the right to life. If only because the latter, in his opinion, was "one of the most striking political figures of our time."

В«I do not exclude such sculpture-making, - Mr. Popkov said - As far as I know, at a meeting of ex-Mayor of Volgograd, Yevgeny Ishchenko, the governor is really dealt with the reconstruction of the embankment. The governor and his party proposed to add a few strokes associated with patriotic themes, as the opening of the renovated waterfront is planned to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Victory. The author of the embankment reconstruction project, the French architect Jean Michel Velmottu already given instructions for making additions to the project. As for Putin, he is one of the most prominent political figures of our time. An attempt to perpetuate the image of this man, in my opinion, it has the right to exercise. "

different opinion leader of the Russian Branch of the Association of Restorers of Southern Federal District Sergei Sung. He believes that the idea to establish memorials in Volgograd, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama associates, not to mention Joseph Stalin, does not hold water.

В«When I heard about the sculpture gallery of the leaders of the coalition, we first decided that we are talking about plans to install the long-suffering tseretelievskoy" Troika ", - the expert. - But the number of figures whose images are supposed to perpetuate the central waterfront, is not even shocking - he's just absurd!

I support that has always respected the semantic binding of the monument to the place where it is installed. Listed a set of figures has to do with Volgograd. Let the same principle here put sculptures of the heads of the Communist Party, state and government of the USSR for the entire post-revolutionary period. Each of them because once overshadowed his attention to our city, or said his name: Tsarina, Stalingrad or Volgograd ... (Underline). So you can get to the point of absurdity. Going this route, not a sin and a monument to the American astronaut Neil Armstrong set in Volgograd. On the sign: "Over this place in July 1969 flew the first earthling to walk on the moon."

perplexing name - "Waterfront Victory." But what about the 62 th Army, whose name is rightly Quay today? And with the upper terrace promenade, which is called street Chuikov? And with the park on the upper terrace, which is called Victory Park (only this few people remember)? Before I reinvent the wheel and take the initiative, it may be wise to consult first with knowledgeable people? "

political analyst Vitaly Arkov, in turn, expressed cautious doubts as to whether it is appropriate to look to be the heads of the busts of the great powers against Volgograd broken roads and entrances crap.

В«a great idea, both in terms of patriotism, and in the tourism and in terms of bringing the Central waterfront Volgograd in divine form - says Mr. Arkov. - Experience in large-scale projects such Sergei Bozhenova not to take - just look at Astrakhan. As they say, God help you.

At the same time, oh how you do not want all this to become a new history of Potemkin villages, when a gorgeous and majestic central promenade with busts of heads of the leading world powers would be shamefully hiding broken roads, heating decayed, the ruins of the dormitory, and, sorry, crap entrances.

In connection with what you want to turn to Sergey to use all its leverage for the early election for mayor of Volgograd sane and experienced manager, who would be under the strict guidance of the governor began bringing in the order of the hero-city on the Volga. So that as a result of his work is not only a "wrapper" Volgograd eye pleasing, but the contents warmed the soul В».

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