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How many are waiting for the promised, or repair of roads in Rostov.

Head of Road Management in Rostov-on-Don has promised to repair all the roads in the city to April 2. .

Today the main highway Rostov did not look like carpet bombing survivors, but their condition is good and not name. Road builders have complained that the timing of repair influenced the weather, and regional government offers to throw some money for road repairs.

At the last meeting in the City Administration Mayor Mikhail Chernyshev set a task in the coming days to complete the repair of roads melkoyamochny. It is obvious that the original deadline set by April 2 road workers did not have time - say, due to the large volume of work and stayed the winter.

В«Weather has made adjustments to our work. Snow was not expected and is not predicted ", - says head of road maintenance Alexei Olhovsky, assuring that the work would last for a few days.

As of February 24 were seriously damaged about 180 streets in the area of more than 15 thousand square meters. m The greatest number of defects appeared on the main roads with heavy traffic, where the last change covering more than seven years ago.

Deputy Mayor for Transport and Roads Maksimenko Rostov Vladislav told me that the most active work to eliminate deformation of road surfaces is observed today on the First, Lenin and the Proletarian areas. The least active repairing roads in the Soviet area, where even today most dangerous roads gaping potholes.

By the way, the roads in the city center yet also far from ideal. The article of February 28, "After the bombing, and Rostov on the roadВ» presented video footage of asphalt ugliness on the street. Tekucheva. What it looks like the pavement in the street after this deadline the mayor to repair, you can see in our fresh video.

В«To date, repaired more than 35 thousand square meters. meters of pavement on the streets of Rostov 180 - Reports to Vladislav Maksimenko. - With the advent of plus temperatures we have launched four plants for the production of conventional asphalt concrete and organized the work of five additional units. Unfortunately, we can not yet use the most rapid technology to repair road surfaces with the use of bitumen emulsions, due to low night temperatures. While in the past year, this technology has already been involved with the March 20 ".

In late March, all failed pavement on the street. Zakrutkin. As a result, the car went into the ground.

seems to municipal and regional authorities have begun to realize that just is not enough to fill the pit asphalt. Vice-governor of Rostov region Sergey Gorban noted that many of the Rostov roads are still in poor condition and asked to consider providing financial support for repairs from the regional budget from savings when bidding on other sites.

In the meantime, Mikhail Chernyshev set himself the task of road services in the coming days to eliminate the Rostov on the streets all the defects that could lead to emergency situations, and in late April to move to a planned preventative repair, including the construction, reconstruction and repair of the current road surface.

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