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Dzhatdoev: "We are hung up on current affairs."

In the administration of Stavropol, chaired by executing the powers and duties of the head of Stavropol city administration A. Dzhatdoeva held planning session with the heads of administration of the city ..

At the weekly meeting of the traditionally discussed topical issues of city life: sanitation, road maintenance, opening of suburban public transport routes, problem solving defrauded real estate investors and the issue of free travel veterans in urban commercial transport, restoring order to the advertisement designs, conducting various sports and cultural activities, etc.

Dzhatdoevym A. In this case, it was noted that the fundamental life processes of the past two months, tightly controlled, as evidenced by the minimal number of complaints about turning out the lights, heat and water. Visible areas and efforts to withdraw from the city of winter. Address current socio-economic issues.

It is not without its critics over the fact that there is a loop on current affairs, and for the normal development of the city to solve the problems and prospects.

from the priority global issues A. Dzhatdoevym were identified as follows: auctions in the land preparation for the April 15-specific mechanisms of interaction between the city administration with the construction company "YugStroyInvest" to build a kindergarten in neighborhood, "Perspective", preparation for April 6 of the tender documentation for the construction of additions to the kindergarten, develop a mechanism of interaction with contractors, who will repair schools and kindergartens that all work was completed and in time, prepare a plan to implement energy efficiency programs .

Separately, A. Dzhatdoev stopped at the next instruction perspective. Making a detour city on Sunday, he drew attention to the fact that some of the police department to work in practically unusable areas. A situation where a municipality is unable to provide premises for the normal bases, neighborhood councils, polling stations, libraries, student rooms and other social facilities performing the powers and duties of the head of the city administration finds unacceptable. The more that the city is intense housing development and construction companies are ready to meet the administration in allocating space for the needs of the municipality. The goal is to develop a procedure for transfer of premises and an inventory space requirements.

Detour found another violation - near school  37 came a beer kiosk. The goal is to remove it immediately.

also raised the issue at the planning meeting the completion of the Kazan Cathedral. This topic will be discussed in more detail at a meeting held this week.

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