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In the State Duma introduced a bill to ban propaganda of homosexuality throughout Russia.

Members of Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk offer to extend the ban on promoting homosexuality among minors in the whole of Russia ..

In the State Duma introduced a bill suggesting fines for public expression of non-traditional sex orientation. Previously, similar laws were adopted in several regions of the country. Representatives of the gay community consider the document discriminatory. Opinions were divided MPs.

Contributed on Wednesday at the State Duma deputies of the Novosibirsk region to supplement the draft Code of Administrative Offences (CAO) with a new article - 16.3.1 (promotion of homosexuality among minors).

If the bill is approved, the promotion of homosexuality in all of Russia will be punished with an administrative fine of from four to five thousand rubles for ordinary citizens, from forty to fifty thousand for the officials and from four to five hundred thousand for legal entities.

Regional MPs believe that the "promotion of homosexuality in Russia took a broad sweep." It is "both through the media, and through active community action, promote homosexuality as normal behavior," the authors say in a memorandum to the bill, and is particularly dangerous "for children and youth, not yet capable of a critical attitude to the avalanche of information , which falls on them every day. " In order to protect the younger generation of LGBT advocacy, parliamentarians, and developed its own bill.

According to the authors, all-Russian ban on the promotion can not be regarded as violating the constitutional rights of citizens: it meets the requirements of the law "On Basic Guarantees of the Rights of the Child in the Russian Federation", which obliges officials to take action to protect the child from information that is harmful to his health, moral and spiritual development.

Contributed Novosibirsk Deputies a draft law is not very different from the documents that have been adopted by several regional parliaments.

now penalties for the promotion of homosexuality among minors introduced in four regions of Russia.

In 2006 the law was passed in the Ryazan region. The representatives of the LGBT movement (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) have tried to challenge it in court, but lost in all instances, including the Constitutional Court (CC), which in 2010 ruled that the regional law does not violate the norms of the Constitution .

in September 2011 followed the example of Ryazan fellow members of the Arkhangelsk region, and in 2012 a law was passed in the Kostroma Oblast and St. Petersburg. The initiative of the authorities in St. Petersburg, which together with the promotion of homosexuality is still banned from promoting pedophilia, has caused the most controversy, both in Russia and abroad. Representatives of the St. Petersburg gay community staged several protests, trying to get MPs not to take controversial document. When the bill was passed after all, they appealed to Governor George Poltavchenko asking him not to sign. But the head of the region, as well as MPs, the position of representatives of sexual minorities are ignored. On the inconsistency of the document to Russian and international law and lawyers in Moscow said the ELN YURIKS ("Lawyers for Constitutional Rights and Freedoms"): they pointed to the vagueness of the wording of the document, which allow for the promotion of homosexuality take any public action to protect the rights of gays and lesbians, including Among the gay parades. With the condemnation of the law in late 2011 the U.S. State Department even made. "The rights of gay people - they are human rights and human rights - the rights of gays," - said in a statement the U.S. Foreign Service.

According to representatives of the LGBT movement, the law that came into the State Duma, "discriminatory" and "homophobic." "But he is even more ignorant than a similar law that was passed in St. Petersburg" - said "" head of the Russian LGBT-movement Igor Kochetkov. "Siberian deputies in the explanatory note drink this definition as a" non-traditional sexual relationships. " What they have in mind is unclear. Different from the missionary position? "- Wonders Kochetkov.

document submitted to the Duma, in his opinion, does not protect the children - it is dangerous for them, he said.

В«In fact, a ban on information. If children do not talk about sexual relationships, they will be subjected to sexual violence and sexual exploitation. Instead of protecting children, the deputies come out with delusional bills, "- said Kochetkov. In the near future the Russian LGBT-movement intends to appeal to the State Duma deputies with a request not to consider the "Novosibirsk" bill. If legislators are ignore their request, they intend to go to court, promised Kochetkov, means "if necessary" to reach the European Court of Human Rights.

While LGBT activists focused on the fight against regional laws. April 2 they are in court again appeal against all accepted papers at the moment, prohibiting promotion of homosexuality among minors. "In the regional courts and the municipal court of St. Petersburg will be filed with the application to recognize these laws are not in conformity with Russian legislation, in particular the Law" On Basic Guarantees of the Rights of the Child in the Russian Federation. " It requires officials to fight the spread of information that fuels social discord. Contributed by the law is just fueling this hatred, "- says Kochetkov.

new bill went to the State Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building, but the opinion of its chairman, Vladimir Pligin know so far failed.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee, "United Russia", Vyacheslav Lysakov document has not yet seen, but declared that he would support the bill when it comes to voting.

В«This initiative is absolutely correct. The relationship of adults - a very thin area not subject to legislative control, and it can not interfere. But still unformed psyche of children, which is influenced from the outside, to be protected, because he can not defend themselves, "- said" "Lysakov.

Another committee "SR" Dmitry Gudkov believes attention to the topic of homosexuality propaganda exaggerated. "Inept struggle - this is propaganda. Those people who make such laws, and are advocates. The more serious the fight, the more people learn about, with what it is. Need to do really important things, "- said" "Gudkov. He promised to abstain from voting.

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