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Yevgeny Ishchenko returns to Volgograd. Yevgeny Ishchenko

, which many believe was possibly the best mayor of Volgograd in its modern history, the return ..

However, so far only as a major investor and entrepreneur, realizing in the Volgograd region promising business projects. But this is because Mr Ischenko does not exclude the possibility of returning to once knocked out his mayoral seat.

Currently, the former head of Volgograd, Yevgeny Ishchenko obsessed to realize the project of reconstruction of Volgograd waterfront, hoping to turn it into a source of pride for the residents of his native city. The day before he presented the governor of Volgograd oblast Sergei Bozhenova waterfront renovation project, made by renowned French architect Jean-Michel Velmottom.

¬ЂI talked with the governor about the possibility of the project - said the former mayor. - The project was developed in 2005, the time comes, moreover, the governor has his views on this matter. Velmott, which, incidentally, also yesterday in Volgograd, ready to revise the draft according to the wishes of the governor. In 2015, will mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War.

Under this thing will be to reconstruct the embankment, to invite the leaders of the Volgograd anti-Hitler coalition - the presidents of Britain, France, the United States. In this regard, in the appearance of the waterfront should reflect the theme victorious. "

By Yevgeny Ishchenko recognition, bringing order to Volgograd waterfront is its long-standing dream. However, without active administrative support, according to a businessman, you do not.

¬ЂI propose option of public-private partnership - said the former mayor. - No public participation is a concrete project unprofitable. In the case of state support will be moderate income. In any case, there is not a freebie buried. We plan to take part in the competition to design the reconstruction of the embankment, if we win, we will negotiate the details. "

By the way, the project architect for the reconstruction of the French Volgograd embankment was highly appreciated by specialists.

¬ЂJean Michel Velmott one of the twenty best architects of the world, - the head of the Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning Administration of Volgograd, Alexander Molozhavenko. - The quality of its architecture is internationally recognized. He proposed to do in Volgograd, almost European embankment to the congress hall, hotels. The project is deeply worked, up to the individual buildings and lighting. True, there are questions about the project provided for the presence of the French architect of several apartment buildings on the lower terrace of the embankment. Specific complaints caused semipodezdny seven-story building. In Europe, the availability of housing development on the waterfront is pretty mundane, but for us it is, in my view, unacceptable. The rest of this great work. "

Another actively implemented in the Volgograd Region Business Project Yevgeny Ishchenko is an online trade. In a number of grocery stores and Volgograd region now established special terminals for remote sales of more than 100,000 varieties of non-food items.

¬ЂThree months later, in the Volgograd region will be about a hundred points by the order of production, - said the business plans of the ex-mayor. - They appear not only in the regional capital, but in each regional center. Several advantages for customers. First, the ordered goods over the Internet will be ten percent, and where and twice cheaper. Secondly, a resident of, relatively speaking, Uryupinsk can we order the product, which in his village is not for sale. For example, a book or tablet PC. He does not need to buy these things go in the regional center. We only have to place an order, wait for receipt of the goods and pay for your purchase. "

As for possible participation in the election of the mayor of Volgograd, as was recently hinted he Yevgeny Petrovich, in this respect the ex-mayor prefers to keep the intrigue.

¬ЂElections are not yet assigned - he says. - All in the hands of Volgograd. Decides City Council, then we can talk about something already subject. "

political analyst Andrei Mironov, meanwhile, sees the proposed Yevgeny Ishchenko embankment reconstruction project as a politically safe move, which marks the beginning of the campaign of the former mayor.

¬ЂThe question concerned the reconstruction of the promenade almost any Volgograd - explains his point of view of the expert. - Ask anyone in Volgograd on which urban problems are most important to him, and be sure to hear back about the bad roads and ugly embankment. And then, why Evgeni Petrovich began energetically promoting this project right now? The reconstruction of the waterfront - is important, but not a priority for the executive power in the region. More importantly the question of forming a regional government, complicated by traditional staffing Volgograd hunger. Nevertheless, the governor puts all things aside and starts to consider the proposed Yevgeny Ishchenko project. For me, it is obvious that does not offer great financial benefits, but it promises great political dividends embankment reconstruction project is the start of the election campaign as a candidate for Ishchenko seat mayor of Volgograd.

I know Yevgeny Petrovich personally and can say that he is primarily a politician, not a businessman. In its action today, I see the desire to return the policy and take revenge for their defeat. "

director of investment company "Delta Capital" Roman Titov, while agreeing that the reconstruction of Volgograd waterfront can provide a good political background for the triumphant return of the former mayor, however do not agree that This project does not pose any special economic benefit to the investor.

¬ЂThis is a good initiative, scale, project status, whose value is difficult to overestimate the Volgograd - said Mr. Titov. - In connection with this very much like that all did not end at the stage of political declarations, and the embankment has finally become a real business card of the city, which should be, and, by definition. The arguments about the economic or political project is, I think idle. He is a political, even if in its implementation are pursued purely economic objectives, since its implementation requires a great deal of political support from provincial and federal authorities. But in this particular case, I would not separate the political from economic interests, because one can not exclude the other. Literate people reach a speed several purposes. Why not provide a good springboard for a new political start and at the same time to earn? The fact that the realization of this ambitious project promises investors a decent profit, make no mistake ¬ї.

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