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Stavropol Volgograd region to build the official.

Chief architect of the Volgograd region appointed former Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Stavropol Territory, Vladimir Zhdanov. .

Who occupied the post honored architect of Russia, Alexander Vyazmin retired. Meanwhile, the main architect of the new region, virtually nothing is known of any current colleagues nor the politicians Stavropol. However, he does not even an architect by profession.

Purpose, is shrouded in mystery

himself, Mr. Zhdanov was a very mysterious person. Information about him in addition to data on the appointment of the press service of the regional administration is not provided. To communicate with itself appointee could not - in the waiting room management reported that at the present time, Vladimir Zhdanov is a business trip to Moscow, and the job is located in a building official of the regional administration rather than management of architecture and urban planning, so long as management employees rarely see their the new chief.

However, the policy of the Stavropol Territory could not remember the former Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Stavropol Territory.

В«This man and his services to our region I know nothing, so no comments on this topic, I can not give," - said Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Industry, Energy , Construction and Public Utilities Duma of Stavropol Territory Valery Chernitsov.

However, as we found out, 57-year-old Vladimir Zhdanov, who was born in the village Sofiyivka Ipatovsk district, Stavropol Territory, and graduated from the Stavropol Polytechnic Institute, "Industrial and civil engineering (structural engineer ) ", started to build a career as a working farm," Sophia "and held positions such as technician Rosplavvvodproekta engineer the production department, operating Stavropol production management of construction and operation of highways, the chief engineer of the Stavropol production department of housing. In 1995, Vladimir took over as head of the local branch of the government's housing inspections, and in 1997 he became deputy minister of housing and construction of the Stavropol Territory, later becoming the first deputy minister of the Stavropol Territory. He was awarded the medal "For Merit" of the second degree and diploma of the Governor of the Stavropol Territory.

the ministry, Mr. SK Zhdanov worked until September 2003, but further professional way official shrouded in mystery. According to some newly chief architect of the Volgograd region worked in the Ministry of Regional Development, however, the press service of the department could not remember his name and surname.

Wait and see

In turn, Vladimir Zhdanov's former colleagues speak of him very favorably.

В«We worked together with Vladimir Vasilievich in the 1990s - said the engineer, industrial engineering department of the Capital Construction Stavropol Irina Shemanaeva. - Impressions of cooperation were only positive. This is an experienced, responsible and demanding leader, but at the same time able to find common ground with his subordinates. Always be visible result of his work. I think the residents of Volgograd region Vladimir also did not disappoint. "

However, some experts Volgograd is not as rosy reacted to the appointment.

В«First of all, I'm sorry that I finished a wonderful profession expert Alexander Vyazmin - suggested one of the officials of the administration of the Volgograd region, declined from an authorized comment. - Secondly, I do not understand how it can be the chief architect of a region a person does not have an elementary architectural education.

Thirdly, I believe that in our region also have professionals who are able to occupy this post, but the area thoroughly knowledgeable. "

Meanwhile, according to a source in the regional administration in the near future, Mr. Zhdanov will no longer head of the regional department of architecture and urban planning, and the head of the Ministry of Construction and Housing in the government of the Volgograd Region .

В«We hope that the new person in the administration of the Volgograd region will be able to fulfill all the aspirations of Volgograd builders to increase the volume and quality of design and construction in the region - said the chief engineer of the project CPM" Binky "Peter Vedenin. - It will be seen as justified expectations В».

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