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Female orgasm from sports - can you?.

A study conducted by the staff at Indiana University, has confirmed that mere physical exercise, no sex-related and not accompanied by erotic fantasies, capable of producing orgasm in women.

В«In spite of the long-circulating rumors, anecdotal stories and conjecture, without strong experimental evidence and exaggerate the phenomenon of so-called" asexual orgasm, "provoked tension of abdominal muscles study of this phenomenon for the first time "- said the scientific significance of the work Herbennik Derby, Director of Sexual Health at Indiana University. In addition to research activities at the University of Herbennik also known as an active columnist and author of several popular science books.

В«Physical exercises, often provoking orgasm associated with the stress of abdominal muscles, such as climbing a pole or rope, cycling and weightlifting. Our findings are very interesting, because they assume that orgasm - an event not necessarily related to sexual experience. This may clear up much of the physiological processes that underlie the female orgasm "- explains Derby, co-author of an article published in Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

article is based on a study of 124 women who have orgasms, doing physical exercises, and 246 women who are experiencing feelings of sexual pleasure, engaging in sports. The age range of the group ranges from 18 to 63 years. Most of the women was married and is sexually active, 69% percent of women identified themselves as geteroseksualki.

Here are some of the data obtained in the study of these groups.

Approximately 40% of women in the first group experienced such an orgasm is more than 10 times. While most of the first group feels a sense of sexual gratification, engaging in physical activity in public places, while 20% are not able to take control of the orgasm.

At the moment of orgasm, most women do not assailed any erotic fantasies, thoughts of a sexual nature, or thinking about a sexual partner. 51.4% from the first group of women have orgasms, doing physical exercises at least once over the past three months.

contribution to the feeling of orgasm and sexual pleasure separate varieties of exercise to the following: weight-lifting exercises (26.5%), yoga (20%), cycling (15, 8%), jogging (13.2%), Walking (9.6%). One of the exercises performed on the shell "captain's chair" when a vertically fixed arms and back, and legs are left free, it turned out, in the opinion of women, particularly fruitful for orgasms.

Herbennik notes that the physiological mechanism behind the feeling of orgasm and sexual pleasure during exercise, remains unclear and that it only be explored. It is also unknown whether the exercise to correct sexual dysfunction associated with lack of orgasm in women at the time of sexual intercourse.

The study also does not answer how widespread the phenomenon of asexual female orgasm. The authors note only that it is hardly rare: it took just over a month to the disposal of the researchers was a group of 370 women with similar experiences.

TEXT: Arsene Grumbadze

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