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In rolling out "Hunger Games".

In rolling out "Hunger Games" - filming teenage dystopia about how young people are forced to kill their peers as a warning to residents of the totalitarian state.

Each year, the once rebellious twelve districts-districts of the state Panem (survivor of some terrible disaster area in North America) send one boy and one girl in the capital of the Capitol to participate in the "Hunger Games". This is a reality show like "Survivor" in which the two weeks of the 24 participants in the living should be only one.

Metropolitan dandies hunger is not threatened, but in the mining District Number 12 food issue is urgent, and the poaching skills, such as to shoot a squirrel or a partridge in the Forbidden Forest, are valued highly.

When the lots involved in the "lightning" of survival decreases at a very young and obviously not adapted to the harsh conditions Everdin Primrose (Willow Shields), her older sister took the Ketniss (Jennifer Lawrence .) The girl-hunter hits a bow better than Robin Hood or William Tell, but gets along with people is not very much. The company will make it a baker's son (Josh Hutcherson), feeding pigs in the long loafs vague memories of the heroine.

those who relied on how-ever cruel slaughter, should be considerably understate expectations.

In "Hunger Games" is almost absent adolescent self-mutilation, but it lacks an abundance of large and mega plans for the Perplexed officials and walks in the forest thickets.

This, of course, is not a "Battle Royale" Fukasaku Kinjo, where under a similar state program students famously soaked each other.

Directed by Gary Ross ("Pleasantville," "Favorite") filmed the first of three volumes of the popular trilogy in America by Susan Collins of difficult youth share of the post-apocalyptic dystopia. Coming kinoserialu designate in advance the destiny of the "Twilight", but the first series reveals more differences than similarities with the vampire saga. There was a girl's anguish against the backdrop of green forests.

Here, the same woods are a place to learn the rules of survival rather than in the wild, as in the television show, which is equally important to be able to sleep in a tree and like the audience.

distortion of reality television is not a new theme for Ross in "Pleasantville" hero Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon throwing the perfect at first glance (though black and white) world of sitcom about the life of the American 1950s. There, visitors from the future gradually changed the rules of the game of life, illuminating, and decent town of provoking reprisals. In "Hunger Games" want to learn to survive to win sympathy for a bloodbath that follows the audience the hero Woody Harrelson. It would seem an excellent casting decision: almost twenty years ago, played by Harrelson born killer Mickey Knox clearly demonstrated the mechanisms of uplift ratings of violence - the perfect teacher.

However, in "Hunger Games" almost all the violence is rendered per frame, and Harrelson, glass in hand often gives lessons sealskin trick: to make a handle to the public, to kiss a guy - not so much to melt the heart Even as to cause tenderness.

Harsh girl tries (recalling the strong role of the young actress in a drama sandensovskoy "Winter Bone"), and prilnuvshie screens to play up the inhabitants of the Capitol tumble pastoral duet sledopytki and the swineherd. It turns out not too convincing, but it will charge to the lack of sensibility, perhaps tantalizing tively charged in acid colors outfits citizens.

In the end, and for social criticism, and for rating television show obtained overly vegetarian show. Sluggish story dissolves rare bout, wild drug trip, a sequence of recognizable faces: Lenny Kravitz - soul stylist, Donald Sutherland - an aging Duce, Stanley Tucci - dressy broadcaster. Action stalled, rivals dissolved extras, the resignation of director of broadcast (the tragic Wes Bentley from "American Beauty" with a surprisingly trimmed beard) is inevitable: the directorates praymovogo broadcasters do not forgive mistakes.

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