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The police denied the information from the Kuban anonymous traffic police treatment.

Police Kuban on March 23, officially denied the information from an anonymous employee of the specialized treatment of DPS traffic police battalion OP ..

The audit found that anonymous handling of misconduct by the police commander Colonel Homichenko Yu and other managers and supervisors of the units have been in the past - such messages received about 12.

As a result of an anonymous survey of personnel information is not confirmed. The socio-psychological climate in the collective 94% of employees rated positively. Factors that impact on the socio-psychological climate in the group, 62% of employees said rumors and negative nature of the information in the media.

With regard to charges of money, the staff reported that the rent on the financial assistance the sponsored children's home, and to subscribe to the departmental publications MIA.

also not confirmed information about concealment of facts accident.

Thus, the police came to the conclusion that the information in an anonymous appeals, which were circulated on the Internet are not true, said the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in Krasnodar Krai.

As previously reported, the police chief in Krasnodar Krai, Vladimir Vinevsky initiated on the fact checking of anonymous complaints of employees of collective battalion DPS.


We apologize that the writing is outstanding anonymously. Unfortunately, no other way to combat the organized criminal group, established Homichenko Y. - No. Those employees who tried to fight Yu Homicheko (Special Battalion commander DPS police department for the Krasnodar Territory) in the open, at this time dismissed or expelled for retirement. Their names: Major IDPS Panayiotou A., IDPS Captain VN Lapshin, zam.komandira platoon AA Babin, IDPS st.leytenant REVIN RA, IDPS rake Captain AA zam.komandira Battalion, Major Miller OI, Captain Nikiforov IDPS, IDPS Postolov captain, com. Platoon Major Savchenko, GN, and others. These officers were unnecessarily disagreeable commander Sat did not do his illegal orders to escort oversized loads, fuel (without proper documents), accompanied by his drunken friends, etc. And most importantly - not yet passed the "tribute" - 1500R. after each working day. For some reason, they are not qualified, even though it was one of competent employees who have worked in this unit or one year, and proven on the positive side.

For many years, hiding many facts of accidents involving patrol cars. I'm sorry you're in an accident or not, auto repair made to do for their money, which is a flagrant violation of the law and the rights of employees. It is not difficult to check - enough to lift all the material accidents over the past few years. There has been a fact, when Homichenko Y. forced employees (Dudkin and Skrypnyk) involved in the incident on the Ford Focus cars, buy tools for their more expensive cars a Ford Mondeo, which subsequently went in person - this is also very easy to verify. Major Karamov got in an accident in a patrol car and hit a Volkswagen, but Homicheko ordered to issue a traffic accident without victims, in order to avoid Special report. Expensive repair as the car got to do for their money. Major Lukashenko is also made to repair the Ford Focus, after an accident, for my money, and then threw a material used for retirement, even though it was one of the best employees. Unfortunately, these facts were "blind eye" guide - CHECK!

At the end of 2011 in Special Battalion was a big reorganization. Added a company and more than 100 posts. All executive positions, without attestation, reporting Homichenko, took his childhood friends, the friends, etc. . Both of his former driver and now the platoon commanders. His former deputy AG Matveev - Command a DPS Krasnodar, another Deputy O. Kucherenko - command a g.Timashevska, etc. In 2012 the post of company commander was appointed as an absolutely illiterate fellow Stokoz A.F, which is in violation of an order of the Minister of Interior, has not been any attestation! Tragically, our leaders commanded worthless, which can not be "two words together" - shame on you!

We are not asking for anything supernatural - just objectively conduct attestation management team Sat We assure you, none of her head will not pass! (Fizeau and especially tsp)

for a place in the Security Homichenko Y. took 200,000 rubles from the new arrivals. The question - why so expensive? replied: "Chief Traffic Police informed of all the cases," making it clear that he was in the lobe. The money came through intermediaries. This information is elementary to check! Oblige 15-20 new employees undergo polygraph on the matter and the result will surprise you! In, his corrupt schemes Homicheko apparently sucked, recently appointed, QC Nach.UGIBDD Kapustin, which hoisted as a driver, his deputy, Major O. Kucherenko, in order to impose their views and vision for human resource issue in the Sat How so? Zam.komandira battalion - the driver. The question, to what end? A goal of this - as soon as Kucherenko began to haul the Setup UGIBDD Kapustin, he served as inspector of the service, 2 months later he was appointed deputy commander of the Security Council, and after another three months - the battalion commander Timashevsk. Of course, all this with the help of Homichenko, which has placed its network of corruption around the edge.

One gets the impression that Homichenko pays everything from Head of Traffic Police, ending with all regulatory agencies. In this regard, previous inspection have not yielded any result unnecessarily held by local supervisory authorities.

kindly ask you not to ignore the fact that the employee CSS Major Runets, not once conducted the test on numerous complaints and allegations in the anonymous Homicheko, currently appointed as Special zam.komandira platoon. Battalion! It is amazing.

also like to draw your attention to the fact that after the establishment of the Police, Homichenko tightened administrative measures on the citizens. "Cane system" has become even worse. At each divorce repeat the same thing - no serious violations (with driver's license recover the +10 penalty) in the unit did not go. Unfortunately, the ordinary people suffer, and systematic violators escape accountability, unnecessarily have immunity - Homichenko business cards and other special battalion leader. Do not you ever do anything to them - you can quit, or "life will not allow."

" One of the examples - Goloshchapov Inspector II in the early 2011 RAV4 stopped the car for a flagrant violation of traffic rules, driven by the commander's wife was sitting ON DPS traffic police Matveeva, A. D . (former Deputy Homichenko), which filed a business card Matveeva AG Goloschpov also asked to submit its documents with the result that the inspector was put to one month at a checkpoint on the orders of another division V. Homichenko.

" Captain Sovyak AG declined to release the drunk driver on the orders of Homichenko - was also punished by Homichenko abuse their office, in violation of the law and orders of the Ministry of Transport was set free and do not patrol the route to 10 days on duty seven days a week from February 27, 2012, it is only a few cases that occur within the special police battalion of the traffic police on the spacecraft.

This is a flagrant violation of the law and the order of the Minister of Interior Nurgaliyev.

initiative to identify gross violations comes from the chief inspector of the administration of Captain Sat Loek IP, which is about 50% of the material in accordance with Article 12.15 ch4 (leaving on the counter), 12.2 h 2 (non-state number) , 12.8 (control drunk) - "sell." Departure is on a counter 25000r, 10000r without numbers, drunk - 50000r. etc. Half of the money he has Homichenko as materials and temporary permits to somehow copy. Inspect all materials to recover the driver's license object of CAO: 12.15ch4, 12.8 1,2,3 h, 12.2 h 2, 12.9 h 4, 12.27 for 2011 -2012 year. In addition, crews are working to measure the speed VIZIR, ARENA, CRIS must pay 10 monthly 000 rubles, with the words Homichenko this money goes to the department DPS UGIBDD QC

Also, every day from each of the crew required to hand over ВЈ 1000 - Homichenko, 500r - the company commander + 1,000 p per person for any needs and 1000r with the man on the children's home. Sat in more than 200 employees. Where the money collected at the orphanage - unknown.

staff offices and service Kolomiytsev Golovko, com. Stokoz company - go to the implicit test, are minor flaws, and then extort money from military personnel. Get a top up mobile phones, utilities, gasoline, etc.

I would like to note the following, that the moral and psychological qualities Homichenko, are fundamentally different from the concept of "healthy people" - bearing in mind his mental-mental state, namely, he has created in the subdivision is not a healthy atmosphere, not suitable for performance of their duties. In fact, created a structure within the criminal division of the newly appointed senior and middle managers. Almost all the appointments made in the bath, on Thursdays, which has repeatedly caused Homichenko DPS crews (removing them from the route) to bring crawfish, beer, turn on beacons and special signals - have fun his friends. In fact, every Thursday for the entire unit is preparing for bannomu day but not the implementation of service objectives. Also on our shoulders hang repair (which is foreign cars), at its own expense, gasoline, and non-paid trips, citing the fact that we have a big salary.

with arbitrary Homienko repeatedly tried to fight the traffic police and the deputy head of QA Milega AI but it did not bring results, because there have Homyachenko influential backers and money.

PLEASE HOLD ANONYMOUS SURVEY PERSONNEL SPEC. BATTALION, in order to avoid pressure from HOMICHENKO, unnecessarily, he repeatedly convincing and proving that he has GREAT COMMUNICATION AND PATRONS, and deal with them is useless, unnecessarily MONEY FOR STILL DO WONDERS. ALSO SURVEY OF FORMER EMPLOYEE, WHOSE NAMES ARE ABOVE. IF THIS TEST WILL BE HELD as the past - mediocre and his men, the results of BE.

Sincerely, personnel of the specials. Battalion

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