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In Volgograd, began the establishment of governments in the region.

Members of Volgograd Regional Duma adopted in the final reading of the law "On the Government of the Volgograd region" and a law prescribing a system of executive authorities in the region ..

Meanwhile, it became clear that the number of ministries and commissions have not created the government Volgograd is one of the first places in Russia, the number of officers belonging to it in no way regulated, and the amount that will need to create a new management structure at all is a mystery.

According to the press service of the Communist Party faction in the Volgograd Regional Duma, the regional government bill was passed with 33 votes in favor, one - against and one abstention. Eleven members of parliament did not vote. The draft law "On the system of executive authorities of the Volgograd Region" supported 31 people's elected, one voted against and 14 did not vote.

Department of the Volgograd region: 1) The Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Volgograd Region 2) The Ministry of Health of the Volgograd region, and 3) the Ministry of Culture of the Volgograd region and 4) the Ministry of Education and Science of the Volgograd Region 5) Press and Information Department of the Volgograd region. 6) Ministry of Nationalities and Cossacks Volgograd Region 7), the Ministry of territorial entities of the Volgograd region, 8), the Ministry for State Property Management of the Volgograd region, 9), the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Volgograd region, 10), the Ministry of Agriculture of the Volgograd region, 11) Ministry of Social Protection of the Volgograd region, 12), the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Volgograd region, 13), the Ministry of Construction and Housing of the Volgograd region, 14), the Ministry of Fuel, Energy and tariff regulation of the Volgograd region, 15), the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Volgograd region; 16) Ministry of Finance of the Volgograd region, 17), the Ministry of Economy, Foreign Economic Relations and Investments of the Volgograd region.

faction of the Communist Party did not support the two documents. According to the Communist deputies, the documents contain spaces, which will inflate the management of state officials. Thus, the laws are not written down the number of substituents at the Prime Minister does not limit the number of employees designated by the government, excessive number of ministries and committees - 17 and nine respectively. In this legislative initiative to amend the system of executive power has only the governor.

В«Taking in such a document, we will untie the hands of regional authorities and limits the ability of parliamentarians - commented on the outcome of meetings of the Communist Party faction leader Nikolai Parshin. - Yes, we were assured that the question of the structure will still be considered - in May and June are likely to return to the government. However, convinced that creating something new, it is necessary to take into account the experience of those who have already filled bumps. Our "Exclusive", the Government will enter into a three on the bloated state - in the neighboring regions of 8-10 ministries, we have - 17. More in Tatarstan - there are 19. "

do not agree with the Communists and the norm which endows retired officials severance payment equal to four salaries. Labor Code, approved by the United Russia Duma deputies, gives the right to pay an allowance of "not less than three salaries." Due to the fact that federal law precludes the possibility of lifting aids for the dismissal of Volgograd officials, Communist deputies in the State Duma are preparing a proposal to revise this provision of the Labor Code.

Spravorossy, on the contrary, for the most part satisfied with the adoption of legislation providing for the creation of regional governments.

В«We made six amendments, most of which the executive power in the region was adopted, - the head of the faction" Fair Russia "in the regional parliament, Stanislav Korotkov. - I personally became one of the developers of the new system of executive power in the region. The only thing that confuses us, - lack of accurate data about how much it would cost the region a government. First Vice-Governor Oleg Kersanov promises savings of 500 million, compared with the sum of the current contents of the Administration of Volgograd region. But words - words and must be paper, by which must be signed. There is clearly spelled out and the number of members of the government. We hope that in future the system of executive authorities of the Volgograd region will be able to optimize. "

Committees of the Volgograd region: 1) Veterinary Committee of the Volgograd region, 2) Committee for Information Technologies and Communications of the Volgograd region, and 3) Forestry Committee of the Volgograd region and 4) Committee hunting and fishing Volgograd region, 5) Committee on Environmental Protection and Nature of the Volgograd region, 6) Committee on Youth of the Volgograd region, and 7) Committee on Safety of life of the population of the Volgograd region, 8) Committee to ensure that the activities of magistrates of the Volgograd region, 9) committee to prepare and conduct of games of the World Cup in 2018 the Volgograd region (Note: it is expected that this committee is created during the execution of tasks and responsibilities for preparation and holding of matches of the World Cup in 2018 in the region).

strongly encouraged the adoption of legislation that will make the restructuring of the regional executive and deputy chairman of the Public Chamber of the Volgograd region, Ivan Nikitin.

В«Why do I need to create a government? First, because its structure is identical to the federal government - he said. - Yes, and status as a regional minister will solve the problems of a direct interaction with the federal ministers. Second, a change management system will enable the governor to a serious human resources audit. Third, as far as I know, the project provides a clearer separation of powers and scope of the ministries in comparison with the existing structure of administration committees. Quantitative and qualitative composition of the government departments should be sharpened by the tasks that determines the governor. Meanwhile, I think that the future prime minister designate has, of course, the Governor in consultation with the members. But the power to appoint ministers, heads of departments and offices, I think it would be possible to delegate to the Prime Minister, thereby greatly enhancing their mutual responsibility for the outcome of the work. This does not mean that there will be limited to oversight by the governor. According to the charter of the region, he takes full responsibility for the socio-economic well-being of the area. And this is not enough. "

Volgograd Regional Duma deputy Vladimir Popov, who is also vice-speaker of the regional parliament, commenting on the situation with the adoption of a law on regional government, assured that the claims of opposition factions, for the most part are far-fetched .

В«In fact, the response to the interest of the factions of the Communist Party colleagues, and" Fair Russia "questions contained in federal law - he explained. - They are well aware that in any law of the regional government is not registered or the total number of its members, nor the number of vice-premiers, no amount to be spent on the creation of a governing body. We questioned the administration of the region, and we were told that the content of government will be 500 million less than the current contents of the administrative apparatus of the administration of the Volgograd region, and the number of employees of government will be at least ten percent less than the number of employees of the regional administration. All of this opposition is well known, and their uporstvovanie should remain solely on their conscience. "

Volgograd Regional Duma Deputy Oleg Bolotin, in turn, expressed his regret at the fact that his colleagues "by virtue of any force majeure" today voted for these laws , rejecting the amendment of the faction "Fair Russia", which would make the law the government is quite full.

В«The organization of effective government in the framework of these laws virtually impossible, - the people's elected. - They are flawed, although representatives of the faction "United Russia" tried to convince us that innovation is the law of the government. Moreover, the law "On the system of executive authorities of the Volgograd region" and did not his main point - the system. It is the law of the list of possible structural units, but no more. United Russia's promise to work on the law are not very comforting. Sadly, the organization of the government will initially be based on a defective law В».

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