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My grandfather hung himself in the well after the death of five grandchildren.

The double tragedy occurred yesterday in the village Bereslavka Kalachevskyi region Volgograd region ..

In an abandoned water well is sunk in the open hatch a failed five-year boy. Upon learning of the death of his grandson, the same day, the grandfather of the child hanged himself.

As head Kalachevskyi MRSO CS Raman for the Volgograd region, Oleg Puchkov, yesterday at about six o'clock in the police received a report from the 72-year-old pensioner, said her grandson left a five-year at 11 o'clock in the afternoon for a walk and disappeared.

In this incident was organized immediately pre-investigation checks. In the investigative activities of the regional investigators were involved in the investigation department of the Investigative Committee of Russia, as well as the personnel of the District Department of the Interior.

A few hours later the boy's body was found in the well of unexploited water-filled one and a half meter of melt water. Rotten to the well boy, growing 1.1 meters, choked and drowned.

В«The death of the boy was caused by mechanical asphyxia due to drowning, - said the senior assistant director for RCDS SU Volgograd Region Media Relations Natalie Kunitsky. - On this day, he was under the care of his elderly grandparents, as well as 14-year-old brother. His mother was a migrant worker in Volgograd. "

After learning of the death of his grandson, 73-year-old grandfather of a child in the same night committed suicide by hanging himself on the line next to his home.

According to preliminary data, water supply, which is specified by a well, over a long period of time is not used.

In this criminal case on the second part of Article 109 of the Criminal Code "Causing death by negligence, as a result of improper performance of his or her professional duties."

В«This well exploited by the 60 to 80 years, we have claimed for all the documentation and will soon start questioning officials MUP" Bereslavskii "- says the head of the SU Kalachevskyi MRSO TFR for the Volgograd region, Oleg Puchkov. - According to local residents, this well has repeatedly covered with boards and slate, but it all taken away. Yesterday after the incident unfortunate communal services still covered well. "

are currently under investigations aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the offense. The criminal investigation continues.

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