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Threesome. The world of sexual freedom.

Someone was horrified to read the title of the article, but most do not even surprised - group sex relatively common ..

Especially in the world of sexual freedom. The problem arises when sex with another partner is perceived as an act of treason, and not just a way of getting sexual pleasure.

Of course, in many ways a kind of jealousy is justified. Having sex with different partners, we will injure your health, because the genital microflora must constantly adapt to the features of the new "lover." If a change of partner is often, other people's isolation and biochemical substance perceived as foreign by the body and begins their natural rejection, resulting in constant inflammation of the genital organs

In addition, we involve condemning the views of friends and neighbors. That, to put it mildly, not very nice.

As much as we did not hide their sexual preferences, rumors eventually reach up to us. Of course, there is a risk, and that the partner is, after all, prefer other / other. Because sexual feelings are rather closely connected with the sensory area

why people are willing to change their views about the moral side of group sex, should be bold enough and internally free. But what do they get?

1. Unusual sexual experiences that are unavailable to many other people.

2. Opportunity to experiment and, thus, enrich your sex life.

3. A new experience, the ability to learn.

4. Reducing the need to go "left", because the mutual trust and loyalty to the group sex is no need to introduce new lovers, lying, hiding and be in constant tension just because I want to try sex with another partneromPonyatno that opponents of "group M" much more than supporters.

But I must say that the scope of the practical implementation of this type of sexual relations outside the scope of his personal life.

For example, many people, including religious sect practiced group sex as a means of achieving unity of members and entering "a new level of consciousness."

Interestingly, the modern pornographic movies can not do without scenes of group sex. This means that no matter how negative people are not treated to the opportunity to try "threesome", for many it remains an attractive and desirable, even at the level of fantasy.

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