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Astrakhan communists to disrupt the elections on March 4.

Politics, as we all know, a dirty business. And because politics is often done by people of dubious reputation, it becomes clearer. .

This situation can be observed directly near Astrakhan, where the legally elected executive power struggles "mighty handful" of deputies of district council.

At a time when their party leaders in Moscow to the Communist Party ranks and CP are fighting for fair and clean elections, their successors in Narimanov district took the opposite position and go to the most extreme methods in order to grab a slice of the authorities.

With its financial resources, "elected officials" strongly hinder the development of the area while trying to capture all of the controls area. This is and will be our today's conversation.

Criminal "Support"

funding the "mighty handful" of one of the natives of the Caucasus republics brothers Isaev. For some reason they did not conduct business in his native land, and bestowed in the Astrakhan region - namely, in the Narimanov district, which have caught as many as 40,000 hectares of land. Being elected to the board of the municipality "Narimanov district" with the support of former government and felt the taste of power, the brothers decided to take it Isaev more. For this purpose, they are united around the same as themselves, "parliamentarians" - Kutepova, Khechoyan, Volkova, Shnychkina and Suhanberdieva (the latter will be discussed below).

В«Mighty Handful" proudly called himself a "Sustainer." Failure of a small-town scale of the opposition, the "Support" is the common people of this support is not for people but for the criminals, who decided to break into power.

В«Reliance," by all means tries to destabilize the current government, making it difficult sometimes to take the necessary to ensure the normal life of the population, local laws and regulations. Those who were "in charge" Narimanov district to the team Kandykova to Isaev treated very well, "fronting" separately taken the business to the detriment of the Narimanov population. Kandykov did not repeat the mistakes of the previous government. Apparently, it had Isaev not like, they immediately patched the opposition - and away we go ...

That gave him a year!

As befits this opposition, one of the brothers Arslan Isayev is a freshly baked convicted under the Criminal Code. He, being a deputy, in an interview with the head of Narimanov district switched to non-parliamentary methods of discussion and dismissed his fists. For Arslan Isayev filed a criminal case on st.318 the Criminal Code ("the application of violence dangerous to health, against a government representative in connection with the performance of his duties"). There was a trial, and MP Isaev Arslan cut off one (1) year of imprisonment. However, conventionally. Walks are now a criminal ...

Humane our court. At least give, because he could and to throw all five years in jail! But Arslan Isayev, maybe everything is still ahead. After leaving their struggle for power, for the warm places in the district administration and the treasury of tens of millions of rubles, neither he nor his colleagues in the "Prop" is clearly not going to reverse. Peace can only dream of them ...

thoroughly wetted his reputation, the leaders of "Legs" decided to move away Fa'iq Suhanberdieva mentioned above.

Elected mayhem

Faik Suhanberdiev, unlike Isaev brothers, is a native of Astrakhan. Apparently, so they decided they like to hide behind. In December of last year trying to smuggle Fa'iq Suhanberdieva the deputies of the Astrakhan Regional Duma, but in this Isaevs waiting for failure. But they are not upset and immediately decided to pull his chair at the head of the administration of the village council Starokucherganovskogo Narimanov district. Elections were held there on March 4, but the results came out with their mess.

fact that Fa'iq Suhanberdiev sparked a brawl at a polling station number 302, which is located in a local club. All Sunday March 4 Faik Suhanberdiev hindered the normal expression of the will of citizens and the work of election commissions. All this led to conflict with even the law enforcement agencies designed to ensure the normal course of voting.

addition, Faik Suhanberdiev with his supporters blocked the exit remote ballot boxes, resulting in a lost opportunity to vote just 30 (!) People!

In general, the actions of the ward Isaev brothers at the polling station  302 on election day there were conflicts, disputes and provocation. All this can be seen in a live broadcast from webcams that are installed on the site. In addition, on this fact by law enforcement agencies review. Intimidated by what is happening, ordinary people - members of the Election Commission to count the ballots confused and completing protocols. And in the days that just did not do Suhanberdiev to prevent the election commission to vote for a full scan and the number of voters voting ballots. There was everything, everything, but not the execution of the Laws of prescription ...

Supporters Suhanberdieva even tried to break in the administration of the night, hiding behind the need for urgent meeting of the Electoral Commission. Frightened women - members of the electoral commission for a minute did not leave unattended "protection" of his fellow Suhanberdieva. On the real purpose of their visit to the administration of the night is anyone's guess ...

Results of voting on that site has not yet been announced, and the results of the election administration head Starokucherganovskogo village council.

Communist businessman

Starokucherganovke elections, whose results are still unknown, the villagers have divided: some favor Abdulova Rustam ("ER"), others - for Fa'iq Suhanberdieva, whose candidacy has put forward the Communist Party .

way the very fact that the entrepreneur Faik Suhanberdiev joined the Communists and the Communist Party of the running for that many regarded as a banal mockery of honest workers. It's clear that the Communist Party put forward a Fa'iq Suhanberdieva is called, not without reason. This is evidenced by at least the fact that Suhanberdiev couple of years ago, United Russia, and later one more sympathetic to the opposition party.

People are sure that you can not Suhanberdieva Fa'iq - a merchant engaged in trade, to indulge in the executive branch. It is not his path. And in trade because of the case it is said, are not the best way. Its trading business is not growing, but on the contrary, degrades. Such is the business manager, and he is a hard worker!

of a high-profile campaign statements Fa'iq Suhanberdieva general it is clear that he does not understand the essence of the head of administration of the village council. Here is just one example.

Kindergartens for Roma?

Faik Suhanberdiev Starokucherganovki promised the people that will build new kindergartens. This is pure populism. Whether Faik Suhanberdiev specifically introduces people into thinking that if he is not aware that the Village Council has no such authority and it is the prerogative solely of the district administration?

Another populist statement Fa'iq Suhanberdieva - promise to provide all residents of the village land. How he thought to do, if it is, again, is solely within the competence of local administration, but not the village council, which he was going to lead?

Or he decided to give away land and kindergartens gypsies who gave him a very tangible support in the election, going and voting for the candidate of the Communist Party. Interestingly, they promised a Fa'iq Suhanberdiev?

However, it may be that the Roma generously paid his sponsors. In fact for Fa'iq Suhanberdieva March 4 voted active not only the local gypsies, and even their relatives, who came specially to elections in other villages. Their advance was prescribed in these parts!

way, in some cases directly to the voters were bribed to vote for Fa'iq Suhanberdieva. It was a shocking case was recorded at the station Trusovo, where for this heinous activity has been convicted supporter of Fa'iq Suhanberdieva.

... Most people today are Starokucherganovki perplexed by the ongoing situation: elections were held, and the results have not yet released! But the citizens know that this situation will soon be resolved.

bribery, threats, lies, - now the sauce is served under this "honest elections" the Communist Party?

be continued, will continue to be interesting ....

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