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The fraudster made picket withdrawal charges.

The investigation was cleared for the leader of the "New People", the former head of the Committee on Youth Affairs Administration of the Volgograd region Vladimir Vasin of committing fraud.

According to Mr Vasin, on Wednesday, March 7, he was summoned for questioning in the TFR for the SU Volgograd region is as a witness, not a suspect, as it was before.

В«There is no official notification of a change of position of the investigation against my person has not followed - specifies the ex-chairman of the KDM administration of the Volgograd region. - Today we will send a query to get this through the official paper. Nevertheless, the result is the result.

not exclude that a change in the situation may be somehow connected with the pickets, I recently conducted at the entrance to the Investigation Department of Russia. "

Recall that in late September 2011, Vladimir Vasin was arrested in a criminal case on the fourth part of Article 159 of the Criminal Code, "Fraud, a group of persons by prior agreement on a large scale" opened in July of last year due to the fact of the theft came to light four million rubles from the regional budget.

According to initial findings of the investigation, the scam was carried out KDM collaborator Irina cervids, the director of one of the commercial organizations of Volgograd and some 40-year-old resident of Volgograd, speaking as a mediator. The investigation of this criminal case officers SU TFR in the region were obtained evidence of possible involvement in the theft of the budget oblkomiteta chairman of Youth, in connection with nothing against Vladimir Vasin was prosecuted.

In SU Volgograd region of the TFR to comment on the change in the status of Vladimir Vasin with the defendant on the witness refused. The press-service agency made it clear that this is a personal account manager available for the region CS Raman Michael Muzraeva. Meanwhile, asked to remain anonymous law enforcement source said that "a funny performance of Mr Vasin," and drop the charges have nothing to do with each other.

В«The so-called single picket ex-chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs Administration of the Volgograd region and change the position of the investigation against Vladimir Vasin totally relate to each other - said the source. - As for the picketing, the reaction to it by the leadership of the TFR for the SU Volgograd region have followed.

Michael Muzraev asked the court to collect from Mr. Vasin for slander and inappropriate and offensive comparison with the People's Commissar Nikolai Yezhov million rubles. "

former governor of Volgograd oblast Nikolai Maksiuta admitted that he did not know the details of the criminal case, in which Vladimir Vasin was held for some time as a defendant, but commented on the action of ex-official disapproval.

В«I do not know Vasin, he was appointed later, when Anatolia Brovko, - said Mr. Maksyuta. - But a picket in front of the investigative committee, in my opinion, not the best way to prove his innocence. We live in an open world, and we know that any officer until the Minister and the President in the fall on a suspicion of corruption, resigns. And then understand the police. Caught stealing - imprisoned, slandered - rebuild in the same position. It is necessary to explain the situation as governor and to actively cooperate with the investigation, and not pester the investigation department. "

Acting Head of the Committee on Youth Affairs Administration of the Volgograd region, Igor Gribanov considers the removal of suspicion from Vladimir Vasin natural phenomenon.

В«Judging by the papers that I saw, my predecessor, has no relation to fraud, in which he was suspected of committing law enforcement agencies - says Mr. Gribanov. - Once there was a suspicion of embezzlement, Vladimir Vasin began an internal investigation, send requests, including the Pension Fund of Russia. He is actively drawn attention to what is happening and to his own person. If he was involved in this ugly history, such behavior would be highly illogical.

Any active operations always generate opposition. Vladimir Vasin, a very active person. Actions speak of a man better than any words. Things Vasina allow us to judge him as a honest and decent man. "

Meanwhile, the predecessor Vladimir Vasin as chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs Administration of the Volgograd region Varakin Andrew believes that, regardless of the presence or absence of guilt before the law, their picket Mr Vasin showed "complete lack of intelligence, mind, and elementary education."

В«In my opinion, the institution of criminal proceedings for political reasons, a Member of the Political Council of" United Russia "- nonsense - said Mr. Varakin. - Accordingly, to speak about the political background of the fraud in the regional committee for young people - is silly.

Second - we live in a state of law, and the guilt or innocence of a person determined by the court. Attempts to influence the result through friends, Moscow, pickets - illegitimate. If you think that the investigation is behaving correctly, there is a judgment that should determine the truth.

Vasina picket at the entrance to the Investigation Department - an excessive hysteria, complete absence of evidence of intelligence, mind, and basic good manners.

official, even the former, must understand that working for the state, and not, as in this case against him, when not backed by nothing more than statements of Mr Vasin accusatory nature directed against another official. To be honest, I'm ashamed that these people come to power В».

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