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Volgograd defended the extension of Traktorozavodsky area.

Bailiffs proceeded to demolish the court recognized the illegal brick extension on the street named after Alexandrov, 188, in the Volgograd region Traktorozavodsky ..

To the defense structure, which served as shelter for a large family, large quantities were made by local residents.

According to the press service of the UFSSP in Volgograd region, today the bailiffs with specialized company, designed an addition to demolish illegal, and police arrived at the place to fulfill the court's decision.

However, police officers encountered a spontaneous rally of about 40 local residents, who as a human shield overshadowed the house. As it turned out, the citizens thoroughly prepared for the arrival of the bailiffs and reinforced fencing.

addition, they are doused with ice water and the bailiffs were in every way to prevent their penetration into the territory. However, despite this, the agency staff, together with the police raided the place after all, check whether the children in the house, and proceeded to demolish.

Outraged citizens have continued to hinder them, and the representative of the debtor allegedly broke performers hammer, worth about 50,000 rubles. Head of the organization, demolish the house is going to write a statement to the police for damages. As explained in the department, now the work will likely not be completed. Most likely the work will be continued tomorrow.

В«very sorry for his family, an extension is actually very small, the owners have erected it at his own expense for their children so that they have room - says the chairman of TOSA" Alexandrina, "Helen Sadovnikova. - The family they lived in poverty, but all the same trying to give their children the best. We have requested that the demolition of outbuildings delayed, but police officers were adamant, despite the fact that on this issue will be held March 15 hearing. "

recall, according to the press service of the UFSSP in the region, conflict over the extension lasts for several years.

Seleznevka Traktorozavodskogo In the village area along the street Alexandrov, 188, to an old wooden house on the two hosts was added to a brick building a few rooms.

As it turned out, the structure was built illegally. Moreover, the examination found that it proved fatal to a wooden house in the basement which a crack. The neighbors have repeatedly complained about the owner an extension, and even went to court, which decided to demolish the illegal structure. A year ago, the enforcement proceedings were transferred to UFSSP in Volgograd region. Bailiffs have repeatedly tried to amicably negotiate with the hostess, but the woman is always covered by their minor children and hid them in a room of brick outbuildings, flatly refusing to carry out the court's decision.

March 7 to the woman again came bailiff, is a specialized company, designed to tear down an addition, but this time, the hostess said it will not come again, and their three children locked in a room.

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