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House 2: Volovicheva went wild. House

2 is still satisfied with the life of some of the stars. Another example - plump, ugly Volovicheva ..

That it was the next victim of Cupid's convenience. Ina Volovicheva, star of "House-2", "arranged for his personal life outside the perimeter, and marries her lover Ivan.

about marrying couples Vlad wrote Kadono, but the young do not hurry to declare the event. Black Mage wrote: "Beautiful Day! Ina Vanya now submit the application. The date of the wedding held in a terrible secret, but all chose the dress and place. "

Previously, one of the most prominent member of "House-2" Inna Volovicheva left the project and spoke of the horrors that are happening on a reality show. According to the girl on the floor debauchery and lawlessness reign.

told herself Ina, with "House," she's gone is not going nowhere - at the gate she was met by a fan of John, with whom she has recently begun a passionate affair. About a boy, little is known: he was 23, he was preparing to defend the dissertation, is fond of amateur hockey.

But there is another version of the girl's care: her failed relationship with another party - black magician Vlad Kadono, who recently left the show, too, because the novel with director Valeria Gai Germanicus.

However, Inna says that communicates with Vlad, and he approved of her new young man.

- I went with the project! Everything was decided just one day pull, I could no longer, because I realized that I love. Since we met Vanya at the end of July. All this time we had a friendly chat, and just a week ago came flooding back to us feeling ... It's so cool when it happens. This is not the case, when one loves and the other allows himself to love.

And not, when couples are formed due to stay on the project. We just love each other. And we do not need a draft. I'm happy! - Volovicheva wrote in his column on the website of "House-2".

- During the day we had decided that I was time to leave the project house, 2. I left on October 5, respectively, you will see this event live on October 11.

It was as follows: on Calvary, I confessed to children that love to man the perimeter at this point Ivan was waiting for me outside the gate with white roses. The staff took me to the gate.

I went to a favorite! Then we quickly gathered my things and threw them into his car ... went to Moscow, both happy as children. Already in the car, I called Vlad and said that left the project.

He was happy for me and for Vanya. Vlad back in August approve my choice, and we predicted a happy future together, but we were then Vanya is not yet in a stage of communication and does not even believe the words sorcerer.

And then last week I suddenly realized finally that I love that it is confident that this is my man for life. Such emotions as it is now, I have never experienced.

Volovicheva But on the sidelines, according to rumors, speaks of the "House" is not too good. For example, she said that the project turns into a real studio films for adults, and lived there for losers.

Ina recalls with a shudder that camera stuck everywhere, including shower and toilet - the bathroom, she had to close the shutter. At the show, she says, are created mayhem and debauchery, and she is happy to have found love outside the project. In addition, in the life of Ina has already taken place: wrote a popular book about losing weight, has made a career.

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