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Missing child found in a reservoir.

All night long in the area were Svetloyarskom searches failed to fire the tank 10-year-old student ..

Fortunately, very chilled morning the boy found the inspector of road patrol services.

According to the press service of the State Ministry of Interior in the Volgograd region, yesterday, February 28 at 23:30 the duty of the Department of the Interior Ministry to Svetloyarskomu District received a complaint about a ten-year search Valeria Kovaleva , a student of the third class privolnenskoy secondary schools.

the eve of the day after school the boy never returned home. Parents and relatives were trying to find themselves lost, but their search did not lead to positive results. It's late at night they went to the police.

In the search for the child in the village Privolny, which is located in more than 90 kilometers from the nearest police station, was sent to all staff Svetloyarskogo of the Russian Interior Ministry.

10 mobile teams consisting of employees of the criminal investigation, patrol, juvenile division, precinct police all night looking for the missing boy.

missing classmates were interviewed, examined attics, basements, home ownership. For coordination of forces and resources aimed at finding a boy, was set up operational headquarters.

Today about 7:00 the missing third grader was found. Its inspector found a road patrol service Department of the Interior Ministry Svetloyarskomu District Police Lieutenant Vadim Chusovitina.

В«found that the day before the 10-year-old Valera after school went home from school - told the press service of the State Ministry of Interior in the Volgograd region. - His way back lay by the fire pond. Under the snow, the boy saw a hole in the hatch and fell into the tank. Fortunately, the water was not in it. In the morning a police guard at the school, avoiding the area near the hatch they saw footprints and baby cap. Looking into the resulting gap, they saw lying at a depth of two meters Valera. The boy was frozen badly, but he was still alive. In the ambulance, child care was taken to City Hospital В».

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