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Details of the tragedy of Astrakhan.

Today, in the Astrakhan region a day of mourning. On Monday, a powerful explosion brought down a staircase of nine residential homes on the street. Ostrovsky, 150 Bldg. A.

Hundreds of people were left homeless and dozens injured, seven were hospitalized, ten were killed - this is the result of a tragic accident.

On the scene

report about the explosion came on the panel of Ministry of Emergency Situations on Monday at 13.10. According to eyewitnesses, the first in the middle of the second entrance to a hole at second and third floors. Trapped people began to call for help. Passers-by rushed to pull them from the rubble. On one of the clips on the Internet (see the end of this publication) can be seen as able to pull the little girl and a woman.

But after a few minutes of hanging the floors collapsed under its own weight, covered with fragments of people's plates. When the cloud of dust cleared, appeared before the eyes of a house divided against itself.

Reporter "Citizen" was on the scene just after 20 minutes. Near the house was panic. People called their relatives in the hope that those still alive. Someone in the crowd searching for her father, someone's daughter, which was supposed to return from school.

В«I have not heard an explosion, it seemed as if something heavy had fallen. Everything began to shake. Passed out the light, we were quickly collected. I wore a child, she took the documents, has opened the door - and there the street. Waited for rescue, they have let down the fire escape, "- said evacuated resident of the seventh floor.

Most of the inhabitants of neighboring porches themselves ran into the street. "There was a loud explosion. I live on the ground floor, looked out the window - a gas pipe that runs near the house, already sagging. Then I saw the dust. Coat only had time to throw, and more on the street "- says a resident of Nina's recent high-rises.

neighboring houses in the blast knocked out windows. "I heard the explosion, we immediately cut off the gas and turned off the light. Ran to alert the neighbors, all left the house, "- says a resident of a nearby nine-Kramorova Lydia.

A few minutes after the explosion on the scene arrived Emergency vehicles, ambulances, firefighters, police. According to the MOE, the aftermath of the explosion attracted 523 people and 129 vehicles. To help rescuers arrived Astrakhan colleagues from Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Kalmykia. On Monday the situation on the ground controlling the Minister of Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu and First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Viktor Zubkov. And yesterday in connection with the emergency incident came to Astrakhan, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

rubble continued without stopping. Only occasionally declared "a minute of silence" to hear from the rubble crying for help.

According to the MOE, was rescued 26 people.

Seven of them were hospitalized. Late in the evening to extract from the rubble were the first bodies of the dead. By morning the number had risen to four. With each passing hour Tuesday through this tragic increase. According to recent reports on Tuesday evening killed ten people are registered. One of the last found the bodies of two saleswomen shop "La Boheme", which was located on the first floor flats.

in the 125-apartment building lived 313 inhabitants. For those who are left without homes, at school number 49, located in the neighborhood, was deployed to point to the destination, where people are provided with food, water and stuff. With the victims, many of which are in shock, doctors and psychologists are working.

By the way, yesterday, the experts began to address not only the residents of collapsed homes and their families, but also teenagers who filmed the incident on mobile phones - they too are in a state of shock.

The victims in new apartments will

Tuesday in connection with the emergency incident came to Astrakhan, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. On Monday the situation on the ground controlling the Minister of Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu and First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Viktor Zubkov.

Literally from the first minutes after the tragedy at the scene was the head of Mikhail Stolyarov, who led the effort to assist the victims. Before midnight, he was in school number 49. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, it was decided that the tenants will be provided by a collapsed house in the new apartment houses on the alley in the neighborhood Granovsky "West-2."

At half past midnight, Mikhail Stolyarov, traveled to the "West" to inspect the apartment for the settlers. Making sure that tenants are ready to take home - they made trim, attached heating, hot and cold running water, electricity, - he returned to headquarters.

Yesterday morning, residents of the home at the Ostrovsky had already visited his new apartment, and then Mikhail Stolyarov met again in the 49th school. The main issue that was decided at a meeting with the mayor of the victims - the speedy execution of all necessary documents for the invasion into new apartments.

Since many people are totally lost due to the collapse of the property, along with the paperwork of the universe is the restoration of lost passports, identity, including giving the right to social security benefits and payments. To do this in school  49 and at st. Chekhov, 10 employees are working the Pension Fund, the Health Ministry, the Savings Bank, Housing Authority. Office of the Pension Fund of Russia in the Astrakhan region agreed advance payment and delivery of pensions to pensioners who lived at this address.

According to the Mayor of Astrakhan, the City is prepared to donate trucks for transportation of personal effects of citizens, as soon as you receive permission to appropriate services. By the way, last night hit the keys of the apartment and things came to their new homes.

В«I was on Nikolai Ostrovsky, in another apartment on the fourth floor, - said Ivan Prozorov, whom we met near the house of 171 corp. 1 to lane Granovsky. - Went to the bathroom, and there is! Out - and polkvartiry is gone. Only the bathroom and kitchen. Well, that one was in the kitchen! If you honestly did not expect that so quickly resolved the issue of relocation. The next day, each received the keys to the apartment, on Wednesday plans to enter. "

way, the authorities decided to divide the people who lost their homes, equivalent to the number of rooms housing, even if the area some of the new apartments will be larger.

the investigation

investigation revealed that the source of the explosion was on the third floor of the two-bedroom apartments. Worked out several versions, on Monday became the main gas explosion. "Window frames, which are issued outside the home at a distance of 80 meters, have traces okopcheniya. Therefore, apart from domestic gas explosion, another version can not be, "- commented the head of the regional investigative committee Sergei Bobrov.

No other signs typical of the bomb, packed with plastids and other substances, law enforcement officers did not find, so the version of the attack was not confirmed.

Investigators allegedly found and the culprit.

В«In one apartment resident citizen who regularly expressed suicidal thoughts", - said Sergey Bobrov. By the way, as we have learned from reliable sources in the police, the man who is suspected of trying to commit suicide, survived.

criminal case under part 3 of article 216 of the Criminal Code "Violation of safety rules during mining, construction or other work, resulting in the death of two or boleelee persons" in relation to the Director, chief engineer and his assistant, foreman of "Astrahangazservis" as well as the director of the management company "housing office number 7." However, as we said a source in the JSC "Astrahangazservis" just last week, checked the serviceability of gas appliances in the house - no violations were recorded.

in trouble to help the world

to collect things to help the victims organized a few points. One of them is in the center of the complex social service "family" on the street. Ulyanov, 4. As described in the heart of yesterday, people went to them almost continuously.

В«Carry clothes, linens, dishes, shoes, food, toothpaste and toothbrushes - because people are left with nothing, what time to jump out of the house - told the center staff. - They sent for four "Gazelle" to the victims, all things remaining the same. Entrepreneur of the Kirov market has brought new things. From the Jewish community have brought bags of noodles, mineral water, a box of matzo. However, most people do not even want to be named, say, we just want all my heart to help. "

Hospitals are three

The explosion in the hospital of Astrakhan was hospitalized seven people.

Among them - a four-Face Kuznetsova. Together with his mother, Nina Kuznetsova, she came to the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. Silischevoy to the Department of concomitant injury. The girl was diagnosed with a closed head injury, concussion, contusion of the chest and thoraco-lumbar spine. My mother - soft tissue contusion of the head and abrasions of the upper extremities. However, as we reported at the hospital the next day at the request of the mother the girl was discharged.

Three victims are in hospital. Kirov. "As soon as we received information about the state of emergency, immediately began to prepare in the emergency department wards, teams consisting of surgeons, trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, and physicians - said the deputy chief physician of the hospital's medical Gulnisa Zvereva. - Expected to be available to us up to 25 people. But there were only three. All of them without injury and trauma, but with a jet-state after the stress. "

Two of the victims - Nuria Baytmetova with a 14-year-old son - arrived in a state of shock. After he was given extra help, they refused further treatment in hospital. Now the hospital is a victim of Kirov - Vera Khlusova 1926 birth. It lies in the therapeutic department, doctors evaluate her condition as moderate. "Since it employs a psychologist, therapist - said Gulnisa Zvereva. - In patients with hypertensive crisis. It is very difficult for experienced stress, very scared and crying constantly. "

Two victims were hospitalized in the Alexander and Mary Hospital. Kolodtseva Olga, born in 1956, is in the trauma department. According to doctors, she closed fracture of both ankles, left leg, scheduled surgery.

Second victim - Vladimir Vladimirovich Panchenko - right dislocated shoulder, bruises and wounds treated. In addition, he has a concussion. Yesterday he was transferred from the trauma intensive care unit for observation, but already planning to return back to the department.

For victims and their families to work as a "hotline": 2000 122 8800 (toll free from a mobile) and 51-58-80. Organized by the office of "emergency psychological assistance", tel. 59-16-16.

Governor Alexander Zhilkin ordered separate from the regional budget migrants from the affected homes and 1 million rubles, and material support. According to the decision by Vladimir Putin, the federal budget will be allocated to families of those killed and 1 million rubles. For the complete loss of the property affected will receive a federal payment of 100 rubles per person, for partial - 50 thousand rubles.


Dear compatriots! Those who share with us now pain and bitterness of loss!

February 27 in Astrakhan was a tragedy: the explosion collapsed porch of an apartment house, killing people - our fellow countrymen with you, dozens of families homeless. It was a shock not only to residents of the Astrakhan region, but for all Russians.

In his distress, we are not alone, we support the whole country. Astrakhan to help rescuers and medics arrived by their colleagues from neighboring regions and the capital of Russia. Hundreds of people have money in the collection point, things, food - all that is necessary to the victims.

From the first minutes on the site of the explosion are working government commission headed by First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov of the country and regional staff in the aftermath of an emergency.

In Astrakhan, visited Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He expressed condolences to the victims and bereaved families, and held an emergency meeting on the scene. The decision as soon as possible to settle all the inhabitants of the affected homes. The federal budget will be allocated for this additional funding.

Now everything is done to determine the cause of the incident, punish the guilty, and most importantly - to help people who are in terrible trouble. I offer my condolences to the families and friends of those killed and injured. What happened, I take it as a personal grief and declare February 29 a day of mourning in the Astrakhan region.

Governor of the Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkin

Sergey Bozhenov CONDOLED

governor of Volgograd oblast Sergei Bozhenov expressed deep condolences to the governor of Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkin, Acting Mayor of Astrakhan Mikhail Stolyarov and Astrakhan all the tragedy that occurred as a result of gas explosion in an apartment house .

В«A terrible explosion took the lives of innocent people. Sharing the grief and pain of loss, please send words of support and involvement of family and friends of the deceased. And I wish you a speedy recovery to the victims, "- said in the telegram Sergei Bozhenova.

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