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In the collapsed house made out suicide.

In Astrakhan, an explosion occurred in a residential house, then collapsed staircase - 18 apartments from first to ninth floor ..

Investigators decided on the basic version of what happened. In their view, the explosion could arrange a suicide from the third floor. Rescuers take out people from the rubble. Suffered at least 12 people, another 14 are missing, data is not lost.

in Astrakhan on Monday at 12.50, an explosion occurred in a residential a 9-storey building, located at street Nikolai Ostrovsky, 150/1, in the Soviet area . After that whole section of the house - half of the second entrance - fell down. A total of six entrances to the house. Were completely destroyed 18 apartments.

Witnesses claim that the first collapsed the lower apartment.

В«First there was an explosion in the area around the second or third floor, second and third floor collapsed - the wall came down, - quotes RIA" Novosti "According to an eyewitness. - Two people in front of me got out of there.

We climbed up there to help, at which point the rest of the floors collapsed.

When I filled up two, and a few who have climbed up there, stayed inside. "

People in nearby houses, too, felt the explosion. "There was a significant cotton and heard tryahanulo. Then we went and looked - the whole staircase collapsed completely. It is said that the first collapsed the second and third floors, and then everything else fell on top. The house is located opposite the roadway, and there now was a large cap "- told" "computer company employees, which is literally next door to the house struck. In this case, according to witnesses, the nearby house were not injured. "There's even all the windows are intact," - they say.

number of victims is being specified. "As a result of the collapse of injuring five people, two of them - the children. 14 people were evacuated from nearby porches "- originally announced in the MOE in the Astrakhan region.

then the number of victims rose to 12 people, 14 others are missing.

in the Southern Regional Emergency Center "" reported that at the time of 18:30 Moscow time, the number of victims reached 12 people, 7 of them were hospitalized . "There is a possibility that the debris would have found these people: where is the guarantee that someone for someone to visit did not come, and then worked as a shop at the bottom, and there was a staff and customers could be", - told members of the Southern Regional Center MOE. Data on deaths were reported.

Once on the site of the collapse was a moment of silence, rescuers heard the voices of people under the rubble and concrete reinforcement.

В«Management of operative staff on-site rescue operations in the area collapsed doorway announced" minute of silence. " And at that time were distinctly heard the voices of people under the rubble. We take measures to ensure that as soon as possible to get to them and to save "- reported to" Interfax "in the emergency services of the Astrakhan region.

To help local rescuers were sent to Astrakhan Emergency Situations Ministry in Rostov-on-Don, Kalmykia and Volgograd. A total of rubble now employs over 300 people. Rescuers in a hurry, because it is cold in Astrakhan (5 day temperature and night - near zero) and if there are people under the rubble, they may freeze. "Work hard, but until the last block does not analyze, work will proceed without stopping," - said the rescuers. Also on the site of the explosion work of the Investigative Committee representatives, who are trying to figure out where the residents were injured in the entrance time of the explosion, and one of them could be at home at this time.

P ervonachalno result pushed the story of gas explosion in a shop on the ground floor. However, later it became known that the explosion in an apartment on the third floor of the house.

owner of the property have repeatedly stated their desire to commit suicide.

В«A detailed study of the circumstances of the tragedy suggests that the cause of the collapse of sections of the house became a gas explosion in an apartment on the third floor of the house. By the time the current major version of the investigation - a violation of safety rules during construction or other works, as well as committing suicide one of the tenants, who had previously expressed his intention to commit suicide and attempted suicide, "- said" "the investigative committee of the Astrakhan field.

spread on the internet video of collapse is also seen that the walls are smoked heavily in the apartment on the third floor.

Criminal proceedings were instituted on the grounds of an offense under Part 3. 216 of the Criminal Code (violation of safety regulations during construction and other work, resulting in the death of two or more persons).

Investigators examine the scene. Created an operational headquarters. "To provide practical assistance at the scene investigators and forensic directed the central office of IC Russia", - added to the department. In the evening at the blast site lighting equipment was installed to continue working after dark.

As later transferred to RIA "Novosti", Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered a government commission headed by First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov to determine the causes and elimination of domestic gas explosion in Astrakhan . This was announced by his press secretary Dmitry Peskov. Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu to Putin on Monday reported on the situation of emergency. Prime for the day will hold a conference call with the management of the region and the MOE.

As reported at Russian Emergencies Ministry, temporary housing for evacuees organized on the basis of secondary school  49 of Astrakhan.

However, school officials say they have no one in the classroom for the night will not be placed.

В«We only register is affected, and then send someone to the hotel, someone is going to stay with relatives. Everything is organized, call a taxi and transported. People come and come, because it completely failed staircase from first to ninth floor: one was at work and only in the late afternoon learned about what happened, someone was staying with relatives on the weekend, came back, but the apartments do not have " - told in school  49.

authorities likely will claim compensation for citizens who lost their homes. According to realtors Astrakhan, in this house apartments were affordable. "The house is not new, panel, so flat out there are not the most expensive in town. One room in the middle of one million three hundred thousand, and kopeck piece - from one million seven hundred thousand rubles ", - explained one of the Astrakhan realtor firms Ramil Utebayev.

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