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The attempt on Putin.

Peskov dismissed suggestions about the connection attempt on Putin's election.

Press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, Putin called blasphemous assumption that the history of the prevention of an assassination attempt on Prime Minister of Russia was deliberately announced by the federal media on the eve of the presidential election. Informs "Interfax".

"Given the seriousness of the impending attack on Vladimir Putin, in view of what is really a serious risk was confirmed during the preliminary hearing, make such statements, at least, blasphemous," - said Sands.

the time of publication, according to the spokesman, "is easily explained by the fact that the training was conducted not only in Moscow but also in Ukraine." Sands said that this circumstance has required time "for all the preliminary checks, which, unfortunately, and confirmed the seriousness of the danger that existed in relation to the chairman of the government."

spokesman for Prime Minister also said that "Putin has a lot of enemies that are capable of absolutely anything to try to prevent him to continue his work." "God forbid, any of those who make such statements, and have as many of these enemies," - concluded Sands.

statements that the news of the assassination attempt on Putin's specially prepared for the pre-election week, the contestants did Putin's presidential election - Gennady Zyuganov, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and Sergei Mironov.

Zyuganov called the message of the attack "trick, from which smells bad." Zhirinovsky said that the news is "duck" and aims "to evoke pity for ignorant people." The candidate from the Liberal Democratic Party also saw the report of the federal media indication "that the figures published by the polls, projections, rankings do not correspond to reality."

Mironov was more cautious in their comments about it. "Being informed person (I was for many years a permanent member of the Security Council), unfortunately, I can say with high probability, this assassination is really prepared," - said SR. However, Mironov did not rule out that the news of the assassination tarried "ulterior motive". "As long as people have been arrested in Odessa, February 4, why do we not learned this news on February 5, why it was necessary to reserve up to 27 February - until the last week of the campaign?" - Wondered Mironov.

About thwarted attack on Vladimir Putin announced the morning of February 27 first channel. Head of Directorate of Information Programs of the First Channel Kleimenov Kirill said that the information about the assassination of TV appeared at approximately 10 days before the airing. Decided to release it after the security forces found explosives in Moscow. "Up to this point the testimony of the main person involved - Osmayev - could be questioned. When he clearly described the place where the mortgaged (explosive) device, then the story for us, too, became clear. We were able to fly to Odessa and to interview the most Osmayev" - Kleimenov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

found that in early February in Odessa, was arrested on a Adam Osmaev on suspicion of plotting the assassination of prime minister. He confessed the Security Service of Ukraine, to avoid extradition to Russia. Later it became known that the FSB "these days" defused in Moscow, a cache of explosives, which was planned to be used for assassination. Hiding place was located on the railway leading to the airport "Vnukovo" and passing close to the government line - Kutuzov Avenue. According to security officials, with the help of explosives in a cache would be to make a "decent explosion, enough to make havoc truck."

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