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In Volgograd, destroyed a unique library.

The new management of the theater Tsaritsyn Volgograd Opera has decided to eliminate the library fund of which consisted of more than 17,000 books and contained the unique specimens, which included the present bibliographical rarity ..

Now lasted more than half a century, the book collection was useless, valuable publications and bibliographical rarity distributed to all comers.

The fact that the emerging including his hands, the former library of the Palace of Culture named after Lenin, the most barbaric way squandered, said the former head of Theatre Vladimir Federas.

В«In the 90s of last century, I was the director of that institution, - said Mr. Federas. - It was then that my order was one of the oldest in the reading rooms. The library fund had more than 17,000 books, among which were unique editions of the last century. These were books on art, technical, fiction, children's literature and so on. When the palace of culture was removed from the balance of plant "Red October" and was transferred to the regional administration, I have all the books along with a catalog of publications contained in the library in the basement blew, leaving them there until better times. And he closed the cellar, so that the books had no access to outsiders. Years later, when the Palace of Culture has become a theater of opera Tsaritsyn, books still continued to lie there and wait for their fate. Open the library did not work because the space was not enough, some of them were rented by the ensemble "The Cossack's will." Then I was dismissed for dissent when I set the governor Anatoly Brovko ugly question of state government property, in particular, of the former Palace of Culture named after Lenin. Crumbling facade of the building rather than repair shamefully covered up "fig leaf" banner.

New Library Director was not required. Books just squandered, distributed to all comers. I am shocked by such barbarism! "

Deputy Director of Opera Theatre of Volgograd Tsaritsyn Camo Karababayan information about the barbaric destruction of a unique library is completely denied.

В«It's all true - he said - Library of the factory" Red October "was destroyed by Federasom. He threw all of its employees on the street, but the very book collection, not being put on the balance sheet of an institution, it was abandoned.

We were several orders of fire: or put in order, or to recycling. No value in these books do not. We invited representatives Gorkovki, school, university and other libraries of the region, so they took all that in their opinion, is a concern. In Gorkovke told that they are interested in a maximum of 20-30 publications. Books are intact, no one wants to take them is not. We are ready to give any organization, other than those that take the trash. So do not take, even taking into account the fact that we are ready to provide loading themselves. "

Chairman of the Committee on Culture, Volgograd Regional Administration Victor Gepfner, in turn, has named Vladimir Federasa statements about the destruction of the library idle fiction.

В«This information is untrue, - said Mr. Gepfner. - What I've heard, like a hurt expression dictated by the dismissed person. Book a meeting in question was destroyed by Vladimir Leonidovich. The meeting was small, as such, the library was not. When it was necessary to vacate the premises, books on his orders, were lowered into the basement. Where they subsequently decay for decades. As far as I know, the leadership of the opera Tsaritsinskoy repeatedly received orders to fire the requirement to vacate the basement of the waste. There were invited to the library named after Maxim Gorky, who have chosen more or less valuable. What is left is not of no value. To say that recycling does not have the value of old books is the destruction of the library, it's ridiculous. The libraries of the region is written about a hundred thousand books a year. And no one in this case does not claim that it is outrageous. In fact, those who spread such rumors, says the professional jealousy, resentment, and the new leadership of the theater, which is something less and get creative, and in economic terms. "

Meanwhile, according to the director of the Volgograd Oblast Universal Scientific Library named after Maxim Gorky by Nina Checkers, led by its employees of the agency chose "deprived of the value of old books," over a thousand rare and very rare instances for which the collectors are willing to pay any money.

В«I am not aware of the conflict, and therefore can not say who the story right or wrong, - said Ms. Shashko. - But when the question arose on the Elimination of book collection, stored in the basement of the opera Tsaritsyn, we selected a thousand little books. Now scour them from dust, restoring. In particular, we have selected all the classics. Plus, books on art, history and linguistics. Among the books that were stored in the basement, there were some scattered, well-preserved volumes lifetime editions of Dostoevsky, Herzen, Chekhov. This is a rarity that will be stored here in a rare fund. Those who are upset about the destruction of the library should be at least partially, be comforted by the fact that nothing of value from her collection was missing. "

Volgograd City Duma deputy Yuri Goncharov, promised that his side will contribute to "halt lawlessness."

В«All that said Vladimir Federas, sounds very alarming - says people's elected. Books from the library should not be handed out to the right and left, each counter-cross. It's stupid when people do not understand the true value of books, distribute them, simply because the basement must be freed from the "waste paper". Acting Mayor Sergei Sokolov, must apply to the governor, that he intervened in this situation and stop the squandering of books. These stories are clearly not benefit the image of our region В».

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