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Stavropolskie fans Leontieva smothered in the embrace.

Valeriy Leont'ev brought us a new program''Night''call.

îÁÓÔÏÑÝÉ� pop masters in Stavropol was not long ago. It was premiered on March 19, the day of 55 th anniversary of the artist, in St. Petersburg in the concert hall of the Jubilee. " The show premieres its Valery always holds in the northern capital, because it finds the scene "anniversary" happy: there he made his debut as a solo performer. In addition, the spring was held 300 plenary speech singer in this room.

started the show zrelischno: put out the light, and the ballet dancers of "dangerous links", dressed in bright and glowing in the dark suits, appeared on the arena.

soon joined them and Leont'ev. Heat in the room was terrible, and some spectators may peregrevshis, Leslie, to the singer with the hot arms. Everyone will certainly want him to kiss and squeeze the breast. For example, a spirited fanatka balzakovskogo age kinulas to Leontieva, when he went to the hall. Women's passionate embrace a singer, and just was not svalila his feet. A little more - and they both pokatilis to the stairs to the Manege. Bodyguards hardly able to unlink grip fan: "I could now break down your spine, and I would be nothing for it was not!" - A security guard shouted in anger. After these words, many desire to fling at the singer disappeared. And Valery Yakovlevich after this incident never more "to the people" did not go.

MaГ®tre is still in excellent physical shape.

sitting in the first rows were able to assess brown nakachanny press singer.

There mostly new songs. There were already old, time-hits: "disappeared sunny days, Augustine and others. Actor four times changed costumes. In the cloakroom dominated oblegayuschie pants and open shirt. The finale turned philosophical: Leontyev came on stage wearing Piero and performed a slow song "Remember me when I'm 20."

- Will I remember? - He turned to the spectators. - I always remember about you! Thank you for over 32 years, come to my concerts.

Artist long bid farewell to the hall, several times went encores.

Interview refused to give. He is open and honest on stage, so it is closed off. Privacy is not afishiruet. It is just that in recent Leont'ev increasingly sorry that he had no children.

Singer did not lose hope and the future is going to catch up. And in his most immediate plans - tour of the resort cities of our country.

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