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В«This is an accident and nothing moreВ».

On Sunday on the road Biysk - Barnaul in a car killed Mikhail Yevdokimov, governor of the Altai region.

Of the four people who were in the car, survived only to the governor's wife, Galina. Driver and security guard also died.

governor went to the village Polkovnikovo, where events are held in honor of 70 anniversary of German cosmonaut Titov.

As reported in the administration of the Altai region, the accident occurred on the route Barnaul-Biisk in 11.10 local time (8.10 PM IST) 15 kilometers from the village Area near the turn to the village Pleshkova . "When overtaking a car Toyota car Mercedes-administered driver's governor allowed contact with the overtaken vehicle left outside the track and hit a tree. At the scene of an accident investigation team is working prosecutors and GUVD edge", - said the press service.

Zonalnogo district traffic police in the Altai region RIA Novosti reported that in the place of accident overtaking was prohibited. "Because of the fact that the curb on this stretch of road was high, Mercedes, first made a head-on collision with the ground, then crashed into a tree," - said in his turn in the Department of Road Safety Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the first results of the investigation.

Corpus Evdokimov and his accompanying rescuers recovered from the car with the help of iskorezhennogo SPECIAL.

"This is an accident and nothing more," - said "Ehu Moscow press secretary governor Nikolai Pimenov.

By the fact of the disaster a criminal case under Article 264 part 3 of the Criminal Code of Russia - "Violation of traffic rules and operation of the vehicle caused by negligence the death of two or more persons." In the Altai region prosecutor's office comments "Gazete.Ru" give and advised not to call on Monday.

As the RIA Novosti injured spouse governor was taken to the medical center area police department. According to GUVD, Galina Evdokimova was "nekontaktna. "The state has a heavy, there are multiple injuries, broken ribs, dislocated hip," - said the representative GUVD. Evdokimova husband was transferred by helicopter to the Center disaster medicine in Barnaul.

in the administration of the province on Sunday convened an emergency meeting. It was announced that vukovodit area will be the first vice-governor Mikhail Kozlov.

Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the relatives and friends of Mikhail Yevdokimov, as well as all the inhabitants of the Altai region. Colleagues Evdokimova yumoristicheskomu to shop are in shock.

Yevgeny Petrosyan admits that the crash was not accidental.

"I learned of the death of Misha is literally five minutes ago and I was in shock. I do not know what it is - the fate or deliberate circumstances. At least, everyone with whom I managed to talk, the situation is not vyazhetsya with natural course of events ", - said on Sunday Petrossian Interfax. Vladimir Vinokur in an interview with the First Channel said that at first refused to believe in the death of Yevdokimov.

Yevdokimov was born Dec. 6, 1957 in Novokuznetsk. In 1958 the family moved to the village of Upper-Obskoe Smolensk region of Altai Krai. After graduating from school Verhobskoy worked shlifovschikom at Altai Motor Plant. He served in the Army in Nizhny Tagil. In 1983, Yevdokimov was invited to the Moscow Regional Philharmonic. Soon he became one of the most popular humorists on the Russian stage. Snyalsya in several movies ( "Game without trumps," 1981, "I do not want to marry, 1993," About a businessman Thomas, "1993," Do not fool around, "1997," Do not send us Gonta? " 1998). He graduated from the Siberian University of Consumer Cooperatives, specializing in economics and management. " Until April 2004, headed the "Theater Yevdokimov.

In January 2004, Yevdokimov said that his participation in the election of the governor of Altai region, scheduled for March 14, the same year. His election campaign was held under the slogan "Jokes aside."

Yevdokimov won in the second round of 4 April 2004, took office on April 14. Before the president of confidence under the new system of electing governors did not put. But a year later - March 31, 2005 - Council of People's Deputies of the Altai region, a majority vote of no confidence to the Governor. The case came to trial, but court action Administration of Altai Territory, to appeal the decision kraysoveta of distrust, not accepted. Yevdokimov traveled to Moscow for consultations and was able to remain in his post.

Ekaterina Karpenko

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