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Ina Volovicheva: "This year I will be Inna Novikova."

Inna Life abounds. A girl builds big plans for the future, developing the business, talks with former colleagues in the "House-2" and, most importantly, preparing for the wedding ..

Wentz was henpecked

Even after leaving the project, I continue to communicate with many former and current members of the "DOM-2". Calls regularly Wenceslas, he is very friendly and positive. By the way, we were with Vanya at his wedding. We wanted to give the newlyweds a good set of bed linen, but Wentz and Kate were warned that as a gift waiting for the money. I am very happy for the guys, but I think that in their relationship more sincerity on the part of the Crown, not Katie. Recently saw the broadcast, where a small magnetic field carried out all orders Tokareva. Wenceslas turned into a real henpecked! But blame him for it is not worth it, because he really loves. The main thing is that the wife is not pushed to the Crown any bad deeds and fraud leading, as it did when buying wedding rings. Children kids start too early, because they, by and large, do have kids - it is necessary to live together, gain experience, and even then you can worry about their offspring.

Kadono With almost no talk

with former boyfriend Vlad Kadono we communicate often. When I reach someone to Vlad, he says he is very busy and hangs up. And later, did not call back. Kadono says that he has a busy schedule and little free time. Although I am, frankly, is not sure. Maybe just a witch is not very happy that I'm happy in a new relationship. Anyway, we did not communicate sum, although I'm still open to him - after all, we have been together for quite some time and a lot of things went through on the project. The last time we saw each other on New Year's shootings "DOM-2". When sitting in the dressing room, Vlad started to make fun of me and Stebaev, but I abruptly stopped him. I do not see why I should listen to this, we have not come to the show. I would like to communicate a simple friendship forever. And Vanya, by the way, not against it, he understands and relates to Vlad is quite positive.

Strunkina can afford "pozvezdit"

Unlike Kadono my girlfriend Oksana project Strunkina always finds time to come to visit and socialize. She constantly tells me the news of the "House-2" and shares his impressions. Now Oksana close deals with a brand new Pasha, and said that he was the first who really liked her for a long time. I know this girl for a long time, so I can say with certainty that, during conversations about Pasha and her eyes burn. In recent years, many began to notice that Oksana "caught a star," and this is the truth. But I think that Strunkina can afford "pozvezdit" - she realizes that being six months on the project, is a much more interesting and colorful party than those boring girls who come now to "DOM-2". I even sing the song suggest Oksana "Queen," which she sang before Nadia Ermakova. I think in the performance of Strunkina it sounds gorgeous.

summer we are planning to get married to Vanya

All the time I'm out of the project, being constantly in some kind of incredible euphoria. And this is connected, of course, with my new relationship. By the way, we Vanya had never quarreled. He treats me very carefully, take care. After all, there is no problem Vani quarreling and put on a show as it was Vlad Kadono. I can say that our current relationship just perfect, I live in a fairy tale. New Year, we also met two of us. There have been proposals to go somewhere with friends, but the festive night, we would enjoy each other. Closer to the summer going to get married. Since Vani is the first time, he wants to arrange a wedding enchanting. So this year I'm going to officially Inna Novikova. Reflect and children. Wait a bit for himself, and then must begin to work in this direction. Recently, Ivan showed his children's pictures - he was a very nice kid with big, expressive eyes. I'll be happy if we have the same kids. Many compare Vanya with Vlad and Wentz, but it's all nonsense. My man is the best and incomparable, for me it is the only one in the world, this is no more.

I want to change people's lives

Currently working day at the office I have not seen. While still a member of "House-2", I hosted the business of selling CDs with my Video seminar on weight loss. It costs 2,000 rubles, this amount also includes and postage costs. Discs are sold well, I can only once a month to come into the office and pick up the money. From time to time and earn additionally as a leader in the corporate parties. I also have a website where I regularly run my blog. Just recently I got my own forum. I continue to not going to leave the topic weight loss, because it is always relevant. I would like to open the author's program on how to quickly and effectively lose weight. Maybe someday it will happen. Once I got rid herself of 40 pounds, experienced by developing a recipe for losing weight, which I'd like to share with everyone. I try to change people's lives. Becoming slim and more beautiful, you'll feel like the world is changing around you.

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