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Volochkova suddenly confessed his love.

14 February is regarded as one of the most romantic day of the year. Representatives of domestic show business have decided not to remain aloof from the world of feelings and expressions of love, too, confessed to their loved ones ..

Quite logical, however, and quite unexpected declaration of love made the ballerina Anastasia. The actress is now on tour in Ukraine.

supposed Volochkova declaration of love to the "golden voice of Russia" tenor Nikolai Baskov, with whom she kisses and hugs in public. About their affair said in a stellar coterie.

however, surprised actress.

Anastasia admitted to love her daughter Ariadne, and the former wife of Igor Vdovin. "For three weeks I was on tour in the Ukraine ... Arish, I really miss you! And I address the recognition of her ex-husband, Igor, who is now with the Arish. Igor is still the closest person to me. In Valentine's Day I will be dancing in the Poltava. I know that I will receive flowers from him. for seven years and eight months of our communication was not a single concert, after which I would not have received a bouquet of white roses from Igor. dear, thank you for your love and for what you are! " - Quoted poster artist of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Not a word about Baskov.

Also, your spouse, but not the former, and current, it is recognized in the love of TV presenter Oksana Fedorova, which will soon become the first mother: "Darling, you - a miracle sent to me again, you - proof that the faith and the hope of changing a person's life, you - the most precious thing in my life, you gave me a feel for what being a favorite for me happiness - happy to do it you! "

Interestingly, all the same Nicholas Basque, which is all over the world rastrezvonil that marries Anastasia Volochkova March 4, admitted to an unknown woman in love: "I will be February 14 in New York York. Of course, no one to whom I will confess his love.

But let the name of this mysterious stranger has not yet been opened. I tell her: "Love - a bridge on which we walk towards each other. We met on the bridge - so it was fate. Loving you - the greatest happiness that happened in my life."

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