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Chechen traffickers convicted in Astrakhan.

Finished a criminal investigation against members of ethnic organized crime groups engaged in a long time delivery of heroin from Chechnya for sale in the Astrakhan region ..

Resident of the Chechen Republic, together with his common-law wife and a resident of Astrakhan have developed a complex plan of management and operations of organized criminal groups, according to which the group of five men served as a clearly defined task.

The group observed the action of conspiracy, actively using the vehicles, using for the illegal sale of drugs specially selected variety of places, using the mobile communication facility, periodically changing phone numbers, applying clear in the negotiations only to them conditional sentences were encrypted negotiations, including on ethnic (Chechen) language, with the aim of criminal conspiracy, discussed plans, which allowed, in the case of law enforcement agencies combat criminal activities of individual members of an organized criminal group to continue criminal activity by other contributors.

Organized criminal group had a clear hierarchical structure, characterized by stability and unity. The activities of the group was based on the principle of mutual trust of its members, based on one ethnic community, and longtime acquaintance.

Way of the drug from its source to its customers strictly followed the chain through the members of an organized criminal group, while the team leader, coordinating the actions of all parties to the functioning of the group as a mechanism for illegal distribution of narcotics and illegal extraction of profit.

In addition, ethnic organized criminal group differed resistance, stability and constancy of composition. The participants performed a single criminal intent, aimed at the illegal sale of narcotics on a large scale, using a common desire for illicit enrichment.

In this case, each group member, receiving its share of illegal profits from the difference between the "wholesale price", "supply price" and "sale price" of drugs, their spending on their own discretion invested in the development of a general criminal business of selling illegal drugs.

In the period from December 17, 2010 to March 13, 2011, members of an organized criminal group led by its leader was made a number of crimes related to drug trafficking in large size.

Thus, the management staff of the Regional Drug Control Service of Russia in the Astrakhan region eliminated the channel of supply of heroin from the Chechen Republic on the territory of the Astrakhan region.

currently a criminal case the prosecutor c approved the indictment to the court.

Press Service of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service of the Regional Management of the Astrakhan region

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