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In Volgograd, exploded in a cafe "Bellagio".

In Volgograd, the night of Tuesday to Wednesday there was an explosion of gas cylinders, followed by ignition in the cafe of Italian cuisine, "Bellagio" located at number 13 on Mir Street in the Central district of Volgograd ..

In the incident burns of varying severity was twenty-one people, five of them are in critical condition. A criminal case, the causes of the incident being investigated.

As reported by the State Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Volgograd region, the message about the fire in the cafe "Bellagio" was received at 21:57. Within four minutes the place arrived the first fire brigades, which confirmed the high degree of fire and requesting urgent reinforcements. The fire quickly spread to all areas of the cafe and spread to locations on the second floor apartment. A total of eight fire fighting tankers arrived, immediately sent an ambulance crews and police.

people in the burning clothes

According to eyewitnesses, the fire was preceded by explosions in the hall of the cafe, and then the fire instantly embraced as the very institution, as well as year extension. Visitors and staff left the cafe lit room and utility room through the window. Some people ran out of the institution were thrown into the snow, trying to extinguish a burning way, and melting them clothes.

One of Volgograd, who was at the time of the explosion with his wife and the couple hail-fellow at the cafe, who miraculously escaped injuries and burns are among a small group of volunteers all possible assistance to the affected brothers in misfortune . According to him, the first reaction to the incident was a shock.

В«I am very sorry that took only two in the Emergency Care Hospital ... When I returned to the cafГ© only ambulances drove ... - Says an eyewitness to one of the forums. - We are fortunate to have saved the wall and a window into the yard, and the girl-waitress took off all his teeth ... What is the Internet? Eakie manual? In such situations, a second decide the fate of people, but common sense tells us what to do ... Young girls, guys, no skin, no face ... How do they live? And how people act? And did ... The girl in shorts in the cold, without hair or teeth, someone hid it? Something I have not watched the bustle of life-saving ... Gawker, ***, with heroic self-conceit, his bolts stared and stared at the show ... Only one in a red jacket, he seems not particularly thinking, he simply withdrew from the fire and several people threw things, all of which succeeded, assessed the likelihood of another explosion, and drove people from the cafe ... Thank the man! I do not know his name, but I think it is at least of my regrets that did not have time to orient quickly, could react stiffer and more specific help ... What am I doing? I am a female companion rescued ... Thank God we had, but we had a good position and the window, our table was burned last ... And then what? Then the two embraced and taken to the hospital ... Those two, Nastya and Maxim ... I'm in the car are still pieces of burnt skin ... They are well done, suffered, only asked if it would come ... Valentine's Day, pancake ... Truly, our lives are too dependent on someone's first races ... properties, and then someone from the quickness ... "

from the fire melted refrigerators

Firefighters managed to locate a fire within an hour, after which they shed very thoroughly, and cafes are located on the second floor apartment. According to firefighters, to achieve the complete elimination of fire prevented the smoldering wood floors and plaster walls of the building of the shingles. By the way, house number 13 on the street of the World is one of the first buildings reconstructed after the war, Stalingrad. How does the first floor of an old house with wooden beams, despite the desperate resistance on the part of tenants, opened catering facility, the investigation remains to be seen.

The fire severely damaged by fire was half of the first entrance of the building, which housed a cafe space. Especially affected are located directly above the "Bellagio" apartments on the second and third floor of the building. The intensity of the fire was such that they turned out to be not only destroyed much of the furniture, refrigerators and even melted.

However, according to Deputy Mayor Ruslan Sharifov, the frame of the building is not damaged, and therefore it will be restored at the expense of the municipality.

В«To date, the building, except for the victim's door, is connected to all sources zhiznesnabzheniya, - said Mr. Sharifov. - Windows with broken windows closed until the film, so that later after the repair was not necessary to change the glass again. Removed from the yard waste. According to the preliminary conclusion of experts supporting the building were not damaged. Money for the restoration of the house is isolated from the insurance fund the administration of Volgograd. "

explosion Falo

In total, out of the cafe "Bellagio" with burns of varying severity has been hospitalized 21 people aged 21 to 46 years, six of whom are currently in critical condition . The majority of severe burns suffered head, face, hands and other exposed parts of the body. Twelve of the most severe patients today at the board of the Center disaster medicine delivered to the burn clinic of the capital. They burn 40 to 70 percent of the body, termoingalyatsionnye injury.

cause of the fire, according to the State Emergency in Volgograd region, became modern and widely advertised outdoor gas heaters firm Falo, placed in a room to heat coffee. According to the victims and staff, room was heated by two weeks, including through the nearly six-foot pyramid, where the flame is alive with the help of infrared burners, and fuel is a gas in a 12-bit or 27-militrovyh gas cylinders.

not be ruled out that it was accidentally turned over by one of the visitors or the staff cafe. Following a few more cylinders exploded. According to the tenants of the apartment, located right above the cafe on the second floor of the building, "Bellagio," one after the other four explosions thundered. Experts say that such heaters should only be used outdoors or in well ventilated areas.

В«The use of such heaters for indoor heating is a flagrant violation of the fire, - the interim head of state fire supervision in the Volgograd region, Peter Turner. - Last checked in the "Bellagio" was held in December last year. These heaters at the time of inspection the premises was not a cafe. They are portable, and therefore they can be removed at any time, and then again to put in its place. Information that such heaters are used in other institutions of Volgograd and the Volgograd region, we have not. While the decision to conduct mass tests of compliance of fire safety in restaurants and clubs in the region are not accepted. Under current law, we do not have the right to conduct inspections on their own initiative. They can begin only at the request of the government or the prosecution. While orders from any of these bodies have been reported. "


Gas heaters Falo this fire more than a meter in height are used in both private homes and in restaurants, hotels, bars installed on the terraces, patios, sidewalk cafes, as well as suburban areas.

According to the firm-sellers, the flame height of five feet is protected by a metal grille and durable glass. This glass can withstand sudden changes in temperature from -70 Вњ C to 250 Вњ C. The material can maintain its integrity and its physical properties at low temperature increases to 1800 Вњ C.

Security. Heaters are thoughtful and ergonomic design, endowed with an emergency shutdown of equipment in the event of a fall, or the extinction of the flame in the instrument.

reliability. Heaters are rugged aluminum and stainless steel and are able to provide a continuous burning time of seven to 20 hours.

Warranty - one year.

Technical data: power of 8 kW, 12 kW, heating area of 30 m2, the capacity of the gas cylinder 12 L, 27 L, the height of 2113 mm, 2363 mm.

Last Chinese warning

The fact that the cafe "Bellagio" repeatedly received complaints from supervisors for the systematic failure to comply with fire safety requirements, they say, and in the administration of Volgograd.

В«Altogether the cafe 'Bellagio' claims were presented 11 times fire services - said Acting Mayor of Volgograd, Sergei Sokolov. - In January 2011 a court decided to suspend the activities of a cafe for 30 days in December of that year was an exceptional check "Bellagio", which resulted in a cafe owners and administrators were given instructions that they should do, removing the identified controllers violations. "

known owner of the cafe. He was a radical volgogradets Andrew Koshkadaev. An entrepreneur was born in 1964, studied at the Lenin School ninth (now Gymnasium  3 of the Central District). In large urban public organizations of the business community is not. Started his career as a photojournalist in the newspaper office, "Young Leninist." Completed several courses of the Faculty of Journalism, Voronezh State University. He is the co-owner of the cafe "Bellagio" and president of LLC "Ekspoprint", and also owns the Sun Fashion.

Familiar owner of "Bellagio" describe him as extremely intelligent and honest man, and are inclined to believe that the blame for what happened lies with the administration and staff cafГ©.

Currently, information about the interrogation or arrest the owner of a cafe is not burnt. The businessman with any statements not yet acted. What's more - according to the law enforcement agencies from the region, if the night he was on the scene of a fire, and interviewed members of the investigative committee, then in the morning his cell phone turned off and the location is unknown.

Upon a fire in the cafe "Bellagio" is already a criminal case, paragraph "b" the second part of Article 238 of the Criminal Code "Providing services that do not meet the safety requirements which negligently causing serious injury to health "and Article 219 of the Criminal Code" Violation of fire safety requirements. " Are currently under investigations aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident. The criminal investigation continues.

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