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Svetlakov left his wife for the sake of Brezhnev.

The popular actor, star of comedy programs "ProjectorParisHilton" and "Our Russia" Sergei Svetlakov directly on the birthday of his wife flew to the island in the company of a sultry blonde Vera Brezhnev ..

Evil tongues have long been discussing the personal life of an exemplary family man Sergei Svetlakova. His on-screen images are far from ideal - it hamovatye guy, then do a maniac.

At all events it is more commonly seen with either his wife or with counterpart Ivan Urgant or Vera Brezhnev. Recently Svetlakov allegedly began to appear in the light, representing the next prime minister, it is in society, this slim blonde. Spiteful critics argue that the two artists united by something more than just a camera.

For example, Sergei Svetlakov even flew with the same Vera Brezhnev on the island, the newspaper said, "Your day". Moreover, it was just the birthday of his wife Julia Svetlakova. Sergei left his wife on the day of its 33 th anniversary of Brezhnev and flew to Thailand.

As it turned out, a couple of blonde went to the paradise country for the shooting of another masterwork. Interestingly, the wife of Sergei will play Vera and they will have more than one scene in the half-naked form.

Departure Transfer Svetlakov simply could not - tough schedule. The picture should come out almost at the end of this year. "The whole film group flew to Thailand and February 5, started shooting," - said the film company. However, she Svetlakova wife, according to a pair of friends, quite calmly reacted to the absence of such a motive of her husband on his birthday.

"What Light kissing Brezhnev - does not matter. Julia - a wise woman, and realizes that Sergei does for the family!" - Have friends Cvetlakovyh.

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