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On the TV channels started campaign, all candidates, but Putin, campaigning for themselves.

In the TV channels started campaigning for the presidential candidates ..

Ass pounding Zhirinovsky, Zyuganov popularize Pushkin, Mironov goes to the people, Prokhorov praises voters - all the opposition candidates campaigning for himself personally, and only for Vladimir Putin campaigning trustees. All are correct except for Zhirinovsky, and Prokhorov might bring the main slogan of the campaign, praised the expert.

Russian television stations began airing campaign commercials of presidential candidates. While in the air are the first video, candidates and staffs continue to work on new ones. The correspondent of "Gazety.Ru" went on the set of campaign Mikhail Prokhorov, held in one of the pavilions of the film company "Amedia", the famous TV series "My Fair Nanny".

В«It is said an incredibly important thing"

In a large pavilion  13 dark and foggy: floor and wall tight black glass ceiling is closed with something like a film with pimples. Fog unleashes little car in the corner, in the spotlight fog swirls as tobacco smoke, although smoking is prohibited in the pavilion - just for the "gate". In the center of idleness was five o'clock weary crowd - two hundred people, embodying diverse Russian society: girls in mini, women in bright, old women in the usual and the men in suits and sweaters. "They collected at eight, then ten - came, stood in the cold. And were not warned that shooting standing "- a colorful old man complains of bearing the retired provincial theater actor, but does not go away. In a secret pocket of his jacket, he hides a plastic bag for a meal. From non-lit corner spotlights, where only a small bench was occupied by her grandmother from the crowd, heard a loud rustling and the call "Mash, sausage grasp." The members of the crew react to the sound is too late:

- Thank overgorged crew - TV people blame the crowd, rising to the stage where built another group of actors. In the attack on the food stocks of suspected "active Ostankino grandmother," he hinted.

called on the audience "for a wash," and not "ripped off the mast lighting," the speaker went on to the rules of conduct during the filming:

- Guys, I beg you, during the speech, the candidate does not have to shout! I saw how many girls came to life when they learned that the Prokhorov will. Do not need it! In the eyes must be good and understanding.

В«The logic is not necessary to include" - warned the speaker. At 13.47 declared seven-minute availability. "We know your readiness," - is hopelessly in the crowd objected. Group "pique vests" in the background, discusses the prospects for Prokhorov's presidential election, but to come to conclusions does not have time: on the threshold of the pavilion Prokhorov himself appears in a gray suit and red tie. Room without any rousing welcomes his team not only applause, but with shouts of "Oo-oo-oo!" And "Ah-ah-ah!". Having gone to the scene, from the center of which women - some in cocktail and evening dresses, even - quietly pushed the men, the candidate for about 10 minutes waiting for a ride on the rails of the operator. After receiving the command, such as quietly says: "Russia - a country of talented and intelligent people. We all deserve better. The main thing - that we should not disturb the sleepy officials, politicians and the Duma hopeless old men ... "Applause candidate sounded somewhat embarrassed.

В«Guys, according to an incredibly important thing. We must take a single step, so that changes are possible. Support us, please, "- addressed the crowd of staff representative of the Prokhorov.

The audience was responsive - have gained applause from the right tone. Gradually mastered and Prokhorov, on the third take, he was able to revive the final part of the text: "We have a legal right to move these guys!" In the fourth, after Prokhorov rule unpronounceable "hopeless politicians," the entire text sounded like a native. "Well, I think, well," - praised by the candidate in the "pique vests." But the film crew that was not enough, after each candidate has to reshuffle the camera several times to say the same thing. A couple of hours expected hero begins to confuse the word and says "shift" instead of "push" and something similar to "rock the boat" instead of "move". Expense of long-lost footage doubles, but the candidate demonstrates the complaisance: it is necessary to say - say, one must powder - declined to a low-girl make-up artist.

В«I used to live at high speeds. I say, 'Michael, we do not have time for you! "- Every fiftieth says Prokhorov. Last night he slept for three hours, and it shows, say his aides. Transcript, written copywriters, Prokhorov saw late in the evening before, they did not like it, says one of the interlocutors "Gazety.Ru."

crowd gradually mastered: the audience heard the plane, one of the breaks between men from the scene and Prokhorov tied conversation.

В«Ask, where he takes his shoes," - said the girl returning from the scene of the film crew.

According to Councillor Julianna Slaschova Prokhorov, a total of 16 rollers are removed, 6-8 of them will be broadcast on TV channels, including youth - TNT and MUZ - and alternative - RBC and "Rain." For a number of calls will be recorded for distribution on the Internet, in particular, the treatment Prokhorov to observers at the elections.

Now the air is nepostanovochny movie Prokhorov - a thread of the shooting, made during his recent trip to Novosibirsk. Staged videos will look better, assured the TV people. Tell about yourself and the future commercials "" they refused, calling for "do not think that it is politically motivated." Production of commercials occupied one of the production companies working with the television channel NTV, said one of the interlocutors' Gazety.Ru "on NTV chief of staff works Prokhorov Anton Krasovsky.

В«Staged scenes - this is the wrong move"

Rivals Prokhorov also tried to make an original. So, Vladimir Putin does not remove staged commercials, said on the eve of the head of his staff, Stanislav Govorukhin. Campaigning for Putin to be his supporters, told the "Interfax". A spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, Prime Minister last week said that Putin intends to involve staff in the course of the campaign "all kinds of agitation, which are allowed by law", including billboards and TV commercials, not just the federal channels, but also in regional .

В«We believe that the Staged scenes - is wrong, wrong approach. Much more important is unaffiliated people's opinions about Putin, the opinion of various known and unknown to the masses of the population of citizens of our country, the opinion about why they are going to support him and encourage others to do it "- said Govorukhin.

В«Our task was to offer to speak, and then everyone is solved, he or she wants to do it or not. If so, what reasons and arguments will "- he said. "I must say that these people are very, very much. All those who signed up, we probably can not show on the big screen in the allotted time, the law. But they will not be offended, I'm sure they do not, to this end it was done, "- said the head of staff.

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, apparently, deliberately provoked a scandal by writing the movie, in which, sitting in a fur coat in a sleigh, pounding the reins harnessed to the wagon black ass, complaining that "Russia is no longer daring trio." "I hardly move, can not go on the site is the whole country!" - Outraged politician. Zhirinovsky's campaign under the slogan "Zhirinovsky said. And it will be better! "

Journalists rebellious tortures ass in the video, Zhirinovsky on Wednesday invited me to his dacha, where he lives an animal, reports RIA "Novosti".

В«This is my gift for the 60th anniversary. Slacker 5 years of doing nothing, nothing drove. Fat, he eats better than you, he has a separate apartment. That I did not love animals? "- The politician said.

candidate of the Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, has introduced two spots: one, he opposes the officials in processions under the slogan "The choice is always there!" And the second star sports, science, movies and non-system opposition to the sound of the heartbeat reading "Until we burn liberty" by Alexander Pushkin.

stars include Olympic gold medalist in figure skating Roman Kostomarov, Nobel Prize winner Zhores Alferov, People's Artist of Russia Yuri Nazarov, famous directors, Nikolai and Vladimir Bortko Gubenko, as well as the leader of the movement " Left Front "Sergei Udaltsov, a leader in the video called the movement" For Fair Elections "and human rights activist.

Pushed "Fair Russia" Sergei Mironov, in his video acts as a true people's candidate. The crowd surrounded Mironov, wonders how so, Sergei Mikhailovich, we do not have anything, especially not enough faith in people. "For this I am going for the presidency" - the crowd responds Mironov.

Director of the International Institute for Political Expertise Evgeny Minchenko approved the strategy of all candidates, except for Zhirinovsky, who, in his opinion, "the recently engaged crossbow" .

В«It has traditionally been weaker than in the presidential election, but now it just outside the agenda - the confrontation between government and people", - said the expert. Rollers Minchenko Zyuganov called "irregular," noting how "successful discovery" movie with Pushkin. "This video is a good, memorable, showing the link between generations and the image of the team (candidate)," - said the source "Gazety.Ru."

Strategy Putin, who refused to shoot staged commercials, Minchenko also approved: "It is right, and so we have an endless roller (with Putin)." He, and so resolved the issue of recognition, as none of the candidates, and resolved the issue of presence in cyberspace. He needs to demonstrate the images of supporters, explains Minchenko.

Orientation Mironov on the population of depressed regions is also true, the expert said: "In these regions," Fair Russia "is always the bad" - he said.

Minchenko Prokhorov advises abut "the fact that he was a new face", and "demonstrate new approaches." "It's his only advantage," - said the expert. However, the main slogan of the campaign of a candidate, "Ask for more!" Expert criticized, saying that "it's sour," although clear reference to the slogan of the student demonstrations in Paris in 1968: "Be realistic, demand the impossible!".

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