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Earthquakes in Astrakhan caused explosions at Aushuke.

Yesterday, the governor said some very interesting things about the war and their munitions disposal activities, which not only conscripts in the cold there is maimed, but also directly threaten the security of the inhabitants of Astrakhan ..

Now already precisely and officially is confirmed by, that the shivers of land in the sleeping areas of cause a precisely actions by the military, their explosions.

Here are direct speech of the governor of:

"Me go calls are on this theme daily on the throughout the last of the month. But, so as not to to be a" lightweight В», I could not in that moment to answer to anybody. In the the first time has officially'll answer : indeed, we have studied the case, worked several commissions. yesterday in the form of monitoring for each object, from which the complaint was, in all residential buildings were delivered by observers from the military, from the MOE, the prosecutor's office.

Indeed, more than half of the recorded vibrations associated with blasting operations on the disposal of ammunition, which are at the site "Ashuluk."

Seismic Station "Gazprom" captures every explosion and its effect. At the epicenter of the explosion is not more than two or three points. But the wave comes.

Polygon worked great number of warheads in the last year, but we only had one such case. We are quickly enough put things in order of magnitude. And this time with more than large-scale program, and the military behaved enough, in my opinion, defiantly.

conclusion of technical expertise, which was carried out, no one denied it can not. It goes from there. Was selected during the explosion and the time to reach the waves, recorded all the vibrations, which, of course, scare the people. Although the themselves of the structure are calculated in the project up to seven-point of oscillations.

me raised today, all the connections subscribed demands to suspend bombings and execute orders, which are technically, we have issued. In order to they do not blew up at once on 800 tons.

I hope that the military will react properly, because we put our demands to the military prosecutor's office and a representative of the Attorney General, I have already spoken. I hope that within a week the question will be adjusted.

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