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Truckers abandoned to freeze to Volgograd highway.

Severe frosts, established in the territory of the Volgograd region, endangering the health and sometimes lives of motorists ..

Particularly at risk reach truck drivers, who have to travel more than a thousand miles away, and, in their opinion, the route of the Volgograd region in winter are among the most difficult sections. To the Editor of Volgograd turned entrepreneur and social activist Alexei Ulyanov, who literally rescued from the captivity of a three-day frost truckers from Moscow.

В«Last week I was traveling from Volgograd in Frolovo of the M-6 Volgograd-Moscow, - says Alexey Ulyanov. - The 62-kilometer road saw a truck standing on the sidelines-enabled emergency gang. It was 10 am. Since the work is often necessary to travel outside the city, a car equipped with special radio station on which of the other drivers can hear the call for help, ask yourself this very means, and just to warn about the weather or just another well on the road. So this device, and received a signal for help, they say, the guys standing on the road, broken, crews DPS pass by. Let's go back, at five o'clock in the evening, the wagon is, stop.

driver reports that the night is like that is on the road, DPS crews pass by him, none of the drivers do not stop. Suggested what kind of vehicle breakdown, and we went for the part, bought, given away. We exchanged phone numbers, as they say, just in case.

But what was our surprise, that after two days, moving in the direction Frolovo, we saw the same heavy trucks "Renault" in the same place and the person behind the wheel in a strange position . My first thought - frozen, on the street during the day minus 23 at night and the cooler. Fortunately, the driver was all right, despite the fact that, in its technical hut, he looked like a Robinson Crusoe. To repair the car himself failed, and of the "Renault Trucks' driver caused the tow truck, which has been going on for two days."

three days in the cold

The driver heavy trucks told that the car could not leave for a trivial reason - the stolen goods they carry, which costs more than one hundred thousand rubles.

В«The car broke down on the road, and no assistance has been received. The goods - appliances for a large sum, to throw the car did not. Fortunately the engine was working, he could keep warm, plus Alex brought me food, - said the driver of "Aqua-Trans, 37" Roman Sinitsyn. - The first day of DPS crews just drove past, but then a car is still stopped.

inspector asked only one question: "Alive?", I replied: "Alive." The car went off the traffic police.

After a car repair failed, I called the tow truck from the Volga, from the firm, serving the trucks "Renault". Due to workload, I was waiting for him for two days. In general, stay on highway M-6 alone and in cold weather is not very nice. Opportunities for protected parking - not enough, and if there is, not the fact that the car does not obvoruyut. Plus the actual route have not seen a normal repair, so go for it "a pleasure", it can confirm any driver. Well, we have not died out good people, otherwise I do not know how many would have had to stand, and have had the strength and means for further heating. "

The official service "Renault Trucks' told me that during the cold weather with roads Volgograd region with the help of a tow truck has to pull out dozens of cars, so the expectation of freezing the driver was delayed for two days.

В«But now we have the parking lot is 20 heavy trucks, which delivered tow - said the representative of the service" Renault Trucks "in the Volga Michael Valentine. - And the difficulty is not even in that car for the Roman was a hundred miles from us. The issue is that these machines are scattered in different directions, to different degrees distance from the Volga - dozens. Fast delivery of all is simply impossible. Even now we are talking to you, and the calls kept coming and coming. The most common reason for refusing to go on the machine is frozen diesel fuel. If you have and the drivers' pokolduyut "low-quality additives, the general write-gone. Unfortunately, in our country it is difficult to find quality goods: whether it's the same fuel or additive. From this and all problems. "

Here's how it is

And yet the question remains, why none of the policemen did not help a man who was left alone on a broken car in the middle of the road. At the traffic police perceive two possible answers to this question.

В«Perhaps the driver himself simply asked for help from the traffic police officers, so they went on patrol in his place - suggests the chief of propaganda OGIBDD Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Volgograd Marat Sharipov . - Because of Saratov on the same track with the drivers in the traffic police do not deny. Moreover, some inspectors DPS themselves received, and hypothermia and frostbite. So here, or a simple misunderstanding, or, if the employees really refused to help and showed indifference - well, these people have no place in the police. But I also note that all the forces were sent to Syzran - Saratov - Volgograd, and other trace was the bare minimum of staff. "

in the regional traffic police believe that their employees of the harsh winter in particular, have made every effort to help people freezing.

В«Many of our employees on the same Saratov highway just gave her tea freezing people, although they were also in the cold, - said the acting chief of Traffic Police Research Affairs of Russia's Volgograd region Andrew Ribun. - There was no such situation to the police officer refused to help the driver on the track. On the contrary, we are striving to ensure that drivers are finally no longer take the Inspector, as some punisher. We want to see traffic police officer was first assistant to the driver on the road, especially on the highway. "

themselves motorists believe that the traffic police to freezing the driver to come only when made the appropriate calls to management.

В«In this situation, Alexei Ulyanov, called in our organization - the chairman of the Volgograd regional branch of the All-Russian public movement" Movement of Russian Motorists' Armen Oganesyan. - We, in turn, phoned with the management of traffic police, and after 15 minutes of car traffic police arrived at the 62nd kilometer of the M-6, where for three days was a driver of a broken wagon. "

However, do not cease talking about the neglect of traffic police in their work. In particular, the situation last week, when the area outside Traktorozavodsky Shuruhina stood dozens of trucks and traffic police learned about it from the press.

В«Here, indeed, the situation was ambiguous. It turned out that the duty of the traffic police did not call anyone on the trucks idle at the Tractor - recognized Marat Sharipov. - Even the traffic police called one of the representatives of the media of Volgograd, who in turn received a call from a friend of the driver from the scene. It was found that drivers phoned the emergency services. Leaving the place, the traffic jam, we have eliminated just 30 minutes, sprinkle the road sand-salt mixture, and blocking oncoming traffic В».

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