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In the Volgograd region 12 localities cut off from the mainland.

Due to adverse weather conditions which have developed in the Volgograd region, the region introduced high alert mode. .

12 settlements cut off from the main road. Driving on the highway from the Volgograd-Saratov Kamyshin to the borders of the region - again paralyzed.

As head of the State Emergency in Volgograd region, Oleg Grebenyuk this morning once again closed to traffic section of the federal highway from the city Kamyshin to the Saratov region. It is also a very difficult situation has developed on the roads and Palassovskogo Staropoltavskogo areas.

В«The most complicated situation in the Kamyshin district, where about 12 settlements cut off from the main road - said Oleg Grebenyuk. - There are 13 units of snowplows, for the sustenance of the population works two tracked all-terrain vehicle "Beaver" and "Moose." Forces of this technique we transport patients with the inhabitants of these settlements in the district center. In addition, we deliver mail to residents, pension and, if necessary food. "

currently on the road to the border with Kamyshin Saratov region is blocked, the traffic is completely stopped. On-site work crews and rescuers DPS to find in the field of organized transport to provide drivers, road users everything they need, food, hot water and heat. EMERCOM Region recommends the use of federal highway M-6.

fears among the staff EMERCOM in Volgograd region, and is the state of the road section between the federal highway and settlement Dobrinka where there is a specialized institution for the mentally ill. At the moment, by the Office of Highway Volgograd region, six vehicles to clear the site and replacement specialists, providing the support agencies.

According to the Head EMERCOM, today managed to get rid of road congestion in the village Gmelinka Staropoltavskogo district area, where it was concentrated 15 cars.

В«convoy of 15 cars, situated in the village Gmelinka Staropoltavskogo area, taken to the road accompanied by technology Palasovku, - says Oleg Grebenyuk. - Now in Gmelinke concentration of transport no. Heads of local governments Palasovskogo district decided to terminate the settlement movement in the direction Palasovka Gmelinki complications for the period of meteorological conditions. The region entered the regime of high availability, set up operational headquarters of the Volgograd region, who will make decisions when complications of the situation. "

in the field of organized transport of finding concentrated about 150 units of transport and about 200 people. The most difficult stretches of road - a departure from Volgograd, Kamyshinskaya highway, the road and the road to Palassovke Staropoltavskogo in the area.

As for the weather conditions in the near future are expected cooling. The most severe frosts down to minus 35 degrees are expected from 10 to 13 February.

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