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Astrakhan for Fair Elections.

Saturday in Astrakhan has been two public political activities. One in support of a candidate for the presidency of Vladimir Putin, another rally brought together local opposition activists ..

Due to weather conditions, a rally in support of Putin, who officially called "For Fair Elections! During the civil peace! "Was held in the building of a sports complex" Spartacus. " Before the gathering, whose total number is estimated law enforcement was 2000 people, representatives of the People in support of Putin's staff, trade unions, social movements, national and cultural societies of the region and the Cossacks.

The meeting was opened by the head of the National Staff Nikolai Dayhes: "Today in Moscow and in some cities, rallies under the slogan" Russia without Putin ". We came to say Astrakhan, we want to live a normal, peaceful and equitable developing country, but maybe we are all wrong. Maybe the right opposition, which draws us with you into another Russia. I do not know. Let us, before you start to talk, think together about the motherland. About Russia. Statement. About our families. "

Also on stage were made by many authoritative and respected person in the region. For example, the chief physician of Cardiology Astrakhan Dmitri Tarasov, "I want you to raise your hand if you've seen me somewhere or know. I work here exactly 4 years, I came here on an empty space. Now my colleagues and I - are the best center in the Russian Federation. You know, our people have touched the hearts of many of our fellow citizens. I want to say that now we need stability, reliability, honesty, and we need a strong president. It is Vladimir Putin, "- a speech cardiologist.

В«a good mood at all, because we are gathered today at the call of reason, the call of the heart. We very much. We are half the country. We are more than 70 million who support Putin, and we know he will be president, and we will win. But that does not mean that the March 4, we will sit at home, thinking that "our voice will not solve anything, and Putin will still win." We must invite all these choices, and 4 numbers to vote for Putin, because we need a victory, "- said the chairman of the scene of the Tatar national society Anver Alma.

his position at the meeting expressed the Astrakhan blogger Alexander Alimov, "I'm constantly fighting with government officials and authorities, if they come from poor citizens. And I'm one of those bloggers who supported the civil action, which began after the election. But when I saw who came out as a leader - my opinion has changed. Yesterday I talked with one of these "opposition". I asked, and what they seek? The answer was - to sweep away this power. I asked, well, that's estimates this power, and then what? I was told that then we will understand. And I got it! I do not want to understand then. Once we figured out already - in the 90s. I realized that these opposition leaders want to put the country back down the slope. I'm against it, we were. That's me, and led a rally in support of Putin. "

rally ended with a performance of musical theater soloist, a member of the State Duma Mary Maksakova. She sang the national anthem of Russia.


At the same time took place in Astrakhan on the opposite political rally, which then was called as well - "for fair elections." In the Sea garden and the Communist Party under the banner of "Fair Russia" gathered about 100 people, which was joined by a few people "underground" movement "Other Russia".

original notice of the rally and march in the nationwide campaign "For Fair Elections" was filed by the initiative group represented by three people. However, it has been accepted for review the district administration for the simple reason that to hold a public event at the same place and at the same time, it was already filed a notice from the other social organizations. Therefore agreed to hold a rally in the Sea garden.

Before the rally, the police had blocked the passage to the street Soviet, which was supposed to hold a march to City Hall in Astrakhan. Not wanting to exacerbate the situation, the protesters moved to the agreed place.

The participants held posters: "crooks and thieves soak in the toilet", "Churov, where are our voices? Department of State, where our money? "," We are for fair amphora "," Putin, go away, like Yeltsin. Because of your confusion grows. "

at the rally were members of the Duma of the Astrakhan region, the first secretary of the Communist Party, Alexander Astrakhan oblast committee hillock, as well as the head of the regional branch of "Fair Russia" Oleg Shein.

Representatives of the parties promised to do everything possible to ensure that the elections in March this year have been fairly and without fraud. Encouraged all the participants not only come to the polls and vote for those candidates whom they consider worthy, but also all sorts of way to counter violations of election laws.

Astrakhan Communist leader called on to vote in the presidential election for the candidate of the Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, the leader of a regional branch of "Fair Russia" - for Sergei Mironov.

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