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The case of torture in the hunting gone to trial.

Former policeman Andrew Barshots and director of the Open Joint Stock Company "Plant walling" Basil Styazhkin to stand trial for threatening murder, unlawful imprisonment and other crimes ..

First deputy prosecutor Alexander Rudnev confirmed the indictment in a criminal case against the director of the Open Joint Stock Company "Plant walling" Basil Styazhkin and former deputy commander of a separate battalion for service patrol with air traffic control at the district and Kamyshin Kamyshin Andrew Barshots .

According to the press service of the Prosecutor of the Volgograd region, from the criminal case, it follows that on May 15 last year, the accused, passing through the territory of hunting "Scherbatovskoe" Kamyshin district, administered by the "Plant Wall Materials" saw the car "Niva". In this car were a local resident, Vladimir Budnikov with his wife and little daughter, who later claimed that his family went on vacation outing. Suspecting the driver's "Field" in the illegal hunting, commercial director of the organization was to require him to provide the vehicle for inspection, but was refused.

Without hesitation, the plant manager and the police started beating stroptivtsa. Bailiffs gun to the head man and giving death threats, his friends put him in the parlor "Field" and taken to the forest belt, located along the highway Volgograd Syzran. There, they forced a man to dig his hands in the soil pit depth of about 60 centimeters, explaining that he is digging his own grave.

After this, the entrepreneur and the guardian of order several times fired at the victim's vehicle and struck several blows with an ax to the body. On top of all the plant manager had stolen from the passenger compartment "Niva" funds in the amount of 22 thousand 700 rubles, and two way radios.

Currently, defendants are in custody, guilty of acts alleged neither the one nor the other do not recognize. By the way, the name Basil Styazhkin is not the first time sounds in negative context. In 2010 he was sentenced to a year of probation for illegal hunting in company with the head of administration of the Volgograd region FTS Farion Basil and his subordinates Nicholas Orlyanskaya.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Budnikov claims that he was subjected to the most sophisticated and brutal torture in the eyes of his wife with a young daughter, after which he only narrowly survived.

В«I tried to drown him, tied a rope to the car and dragged her portage, fired from a gun between my legs, forced to eat fresh meat shot down a hare, - said Mr. Budnikov. - All this happened in front of my wife and daughters, who were hiding in the bushes. The people who attacked me in a few places shot in my car, but after my tormentors had left, my wife still managed to make it and take my daughter out and the forest. I'm at the end of torture procedures was unconscious and came to himself only in the car. "

result of execution for Vladimir Budnikova were recorded by doctors numerous injuries, including a fractured jaw, fractured two ribs and a concussion.

However, Head of Department for Supervision of investigation, inquiry, and operational-search activities in the field of law enforcement officers of the Volgograd region prosecutor Anzor Livanov notes that the picture painted by victims of the accident is incomplete.

В«all fairness we should add that Styazhkin and Barshots attacked Budnikova not just so, - said Mr. Livanov. - Hunting grounds, which was at that moment the car with the victims, have been rented by a private firm - the plant wall materials, whose director is Basil Styazhkin. The latter had reason to believe that Budnikov engaged in these illegal hunting grounds. Allegedly, it has been repeatedly caught in the act, but he continued such attacks. Barshots was this day in office, just resting at the recreation center. He responded to the request of his friend Styazhkin teach hunter. I say this not in order to somehow whitewash the accused, their actions were illegal and the case sent to court. This is not discussed. Nevertheless, those who follow the situation, should form an objective picture of what happened, no excesses in one direction or another. "

district Duma deputy Nikolai Kamyshin Malygin also believes Vladimir Budnikova innocent victim, and suggests that the commonly known version of the accident suffered undue prejudice.

В«I know Basil Styazhkin as a fairly good economic manager, manager, and a reasonable person, - said Mr. Malygin. - That's why I have very serious doubts about the negativity against this man, who replicated the media. In Styazhkin crazy enough to not behave as stupid as he is now credited. All of this seems all the more incredible, considering its financial position and experience. The fact that he could prevent the actions of poachers, I have no doubt. But as it was in fact, decide to let the court. "

State Inspector of hunting for Kamyshin district of the Volgograd region Sergey Matveyev, in turn, believes that even with the obvious nebezgreshnosti Vladimir Budnikova arranged above it torture is lawlessness and primitive barbarism.

В«Budnikova I know, and he put it mildly, is not the most honest hunter - said Mr. Matveyev. - He and the legal weapons, then, to my knowledge, no. In fact, what he's just resting, I do not believe it. But to mock a man for poaching, arrange them on lynchings - it is a primitive barbarism. Local hunters are outraged and are waiting for happened to the power applied to the alleged perpetrators of punitive measures. This arbitrariness can not be left unpunished. "

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