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Sergei Bozhenov became governor of Volgograd region.

Members of the Volgograd Regional Duma vote on the proposal of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made the decision to confer the powers of Sergei Bozhenova Head of Administration of Volgograd region ..

Today, just over an hour after the deputy president of the approval of the proposed candidates, the ceremony of inauguration of the new governor.

Home fateful for all residents of the Volgograd region of the extraordinary meeting of the Volgograd regional legislature on the proposal by the President of the empowerment of the Head of Administration of Volgograd region remained until the present day in the position of Acting Governor of the ex-mayor of Astrakhan, Sergey Bozhenova delayed for an hour. The reason for delay was the latest arrival in Volgograd presidential envoy to the Southern Federal District Vladimir Ustinov, the helicopter which landed with a strong delayed due to adverse weather conditions. Perhaps because of this mishap all subsequent agenda looked a little crumpled.

opened the meeting at 13:00 Duma, its speaker, secretary of the regional branch of the party "United Russia" Vladimir Yefimov, congratulated everyone on the 69th anniversary of Victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, the floor Vladimir Ustinov. He read a letter from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, addressed to the chairman of the regional parliament, after which the deputies proposed obldumy support a presidential nomination.

Before the vote, the floor was given interim governor Sergei Bozhenova. "The hero of" thanked the party "United Russia" for the trust and said that during the short period, during which he was the acting head of the administration of the Volgograd region, he was able to analyze the situation in the region. Accordingly, he has a pretty clear picture of what problems he will have to work.

В«make every effort to socio-economic and socio-political situation in the region were very calm and friendly, and we were able to contact you to solve several problems, which are aimed at improving life and the people of Volgograd and the Volgograd region population ", - assured Sergei Bozhenov.

voting procedure is prefaced yesterday announced the leaders of Communist Volgograd demarche. Chairman of the Communist Party faction in the Duma of Volgograd Region Nikolai Parshin made an official statement from the faction, whose essence was to ensure that the communist deputies believe the current political situation unacceptable to force a decision on and push for the election of the head of the regional administration under the old scheme, which restricts the constitutional rights of citizens . Outraged by the Communists and the appointment of the meeting according to the governor Sergei Bozhenova and subsequent to his inauguration day, 69th anniversary of victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. "Use the holy feast to satisfy someone's political ambitions and unscrupulous PR blasphemous" - said Nikolai Parshin. When you have finished reading the statement, the leader of the Duma, the Communists left the courtroom.

other opposition factions expressed their willingness to support a presidential nomination, citing the detrimental impact to the field of powerlessness and the need to be guided in such matters of common sense rather than political ambitions.

As a result, with 31 voting "For" votes and one abstention Regional Duma deputies were in favor of granting authority to the governor Sergei Bozhenova Volgograd region.

A little more than an hour in the Great Hall of the regional administration's inauguration ceremony, in which Sergei Bozhenov uttered the words the governor's oath, a solemn oath of the people faithfully execute their duties to respect and protect the rights and freedom of man and citizen, to observe the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws and laws of the Volgograd region.

At the conclusion of the ceremony with the commencement speech to the new Governor of the Volgograd region addressed Sen. Nicholas Maksyuta. He noted that the population of the Volgograd region "difficult" sees the appointment of new head of the region in a day of great celebration of the victory at Stalingrad, but to develop this theme did not. Instead, he emphasized the high level of professionalism Bozhenova Sergei, whose ex-governor of Volgograd region has long been aware that, according to Nicholas Maksyuta, was challenging a school manager, and as mayor of Astrakhan did everything that the city flourished. The new governor senator wished to do everything to ensure that multi-ethnic population of the Volgograd region were living together, and to justify the trust placed upon him.

Volgograd Regional Duma Deputy Oleg Bolotin, the only one present at today's meeting of the regional parliament deputies who abstained from the vote, explained his opposition to the position of the fact of appointment of "Varyag" on the eve of the return lines gubernatorial elections.

В«After protests following the elections to the Duma, Dmitry Medvedev, being a man, who by the cast of his nature is very concerned about the society in which he lives, seeking to put forward and implement ideas that In his opinion, should improve people's living conditions (for example, renaming the police and police officers dressing up in a new form of 50 billion rubles), January 16, 2012, introduced in the State Duma a draft law to amend the order granting authority to the heads of the regions, that is, through the election governors, - the people's elected. - I am absolutely sure that the rating for President Vladimir Putin State Duma shall oblige promptly pass this law in time to sign it before March 4.

Against this background, the appointment at the request of Volodin's acting head of the Volgograd Region Administration Sergei Bozhenova - an outsider - in full swing sacked for the results of gubernatorial elections, the appointment rather than election Governor in the region after March 4, in my opinion, contrary to the interests of building civil society in general and at the regional level in particular.

Russia's WTO accession and personnel problems in the power structures at all levels, in my opinion, do not give hope for any improvement in the socio-economic area of the region. "

member of the Presidium of political council of the regional branch of the party "United Russia" Leonid Titov, in turn, considers the appointment of Sergei Bozhenova to the position of governor of Volgograd right step. He urged a new head of the field work in close collaboration with the regional parliament and become a real Volgograd.

В«The potential of the Volgograd region great, but piled up and a lot of problems, - said Mr. Titov. - Problems in the economy, social services, staffing problems, which we hope, Sergey will decide together with us. And it is first necessary to raise the capacity and influence of the Volgograd City Duma. This opportunity will change the charter of the Volgograd region and the adoption of a law on the establishment of a regional government. All of these big problems can be solved only in the interaction of the legislative and executive branches. As a human being I wish Sergei Bozhenova become Volgograd, and very much hope that his background and management experience will serve to address these problems. "

Duma Communist leader Nikolai Parshin, in turn, called today's "sudden" decision error power.

В«For the most Bozhenova until there are no questions, he did not have anything for the Volgograd region nor bad nor good, - the people's elected. - Expressed his plans and his willingness to engage in dialogue with the opposition, I even impressed. But involvement in the Volgograd region, and gave the crack is almost throw out the dustbin of history of the system of appointing governors may not cause any feelings, but bewilderment and irritation. Not to mention the use of the holy feast of power for their own purposes - it is generally cynical, built in the absolute В».

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