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Bozhenov can interfere with the authority of Putin? .

Ivan Novakov VolgGTU Rector addressed the Volgograd Regional Duma and the regional political council of "United Russia" to postpone the discussion of candidates for governor of Volgograd region until at least March 2012 ..

With that reputation suggested by the President on this post Sergey Bozhenova looks doubtful, and others agree the elite of Volgograd.

his request Mr Novakov explained that "in the community nominations for the post of Sergei Bozhenova Acting Head of Administration of Volgograd region provoked very mixed reactions." In particular, the rector of the troubled VolgGTU numerous publications in electronic media, depicting the new head of the Volgograd regional administration rather controversial figure. Copies of these articles, Ivan Novakov attached to his written request, and, in some moments are marked by the author as a marker of "difficult to perceive."

В«All this can contribute to the vote March 4, 2012 the authority of our leader, Vladimir Putin" - summarizes Mr. Novak.

By letter asks members of the Volgograd Regional Duma to consider the facts most of their colleagues - the deputies of the Astrakhan Regional Duma.

In addition, Ivan Novakov suggested that the number of candidates for nomination as Governor, Lieutenant General Sergei Kokorin, whom he describes as a "man of the highest integrity, integrity, experienced in including in the industry." He notes that the business acumen of Mr. Kokorin well known to the deputies of the regional parliament and the people of Volgograd region.

Commenting on his proposal, President VolgGTU admitted that he was not going to bring his message public, because "politics is not playing."

В«I do not know who made my members of the treatment leaked to the press - said Mr. Novak. - I can assume why, but I do not know who it was. I do not want the ads. I questioned the hasty election of the governor. Such playfulness, as is known, is required only when catching fleas. I sincerely want to Vladimir Putin, who is head and shoulders above all his rivals in the presidential election won a victory in the Volgograd region in the first round. And such undemocratic actions as the appointment of the governor can only hurt. "

Deputy of Volgograd Regional Duma Natalia Latyshevskaya publicly supported Ivana Novakova.

В«I fully support him - said Mrs. Latyshevskaya. - Ivan Novak - not only a great scientist but also a true citizen of our country. He did not indiscriminately opposed candidate Sergei Bozhenova. It's just that he has questions about certain aspects of man's biography, which claims to be the "helmsman" Volgograd region over the next five years. And he wants those questions answered. I also believe that we should not hurry with the approval of Sergei Bozhenova as Governor. "

Chairman of the Volgograd Regional Public Chamber, the rector of Volgograd Inshakov Oleg, on the contrary, the initiative of his colleagues are not supported.

В«I do not know what motives guided by Ivan Novakov, speaking with such a proposal - said Mr. Inshakov. - In any case, it is extremely personal initiative of the rector VolgGTU. Neither the Board of Directors, or in a circle of colleagues, he doubts regarding this issue is not the voice. Ivan Novakov must take responsibility for that initiative, which he now stands. I believe that everything has been discussed before and at the party, and at the level of the presidential administration. With regard to Astrakhan, where the mayor, until recently, was Sergei Bozhenov, I was there and saw that the city is the rapid construction, the city renewed. That they saw in me a positive impression. About the Acting Governor of compromising facts of the Volgograd region, allegedly expressed by the deputies of the Astrakhan Regional Duma, I do not know.

I think that the preservation of uncertainty in the appointment of the chief executive of the Volgograd region before the presidential elections to no good will not. "

State Duma deputy and leader Oleg Mikheev Volgograd spravorossov agree that the issue of approval of the candidate for governor "to flog a fever" is not worth it.

В«I agree with the proposal of Ivan Novakova that is to appoint the governor before the election results will be known, - said Mr. Mikheyev - I have seen information online about Sergei Bozhenova, something from the above that there is really causing problems. But I have a very sad experience with the media. For example, was recently in Kazakhstan, where I am asked: "Oleg Leonidovich, why are you wearing a fascist form?" Remember that the fake about Canaris slyapannuyu famous yellow tabloid? On the Internet, a lot of false information to denigrate any person can be. However, do not sweat it. It should be in a relaxed atmosphere to understand how information posted on the Internet meets or, by contrast, is far from reality. "

Co Volgograd branch of the party "Right Cause", a famous blogger and businessman Andrew Kuprikov recognized that the position of Ivana Novakova he was very impressed.

В«I know, and Novakova, and Kokorin, nominated by it for the office of the governor - said Mr. Kuprikov. - Both are decent and honorable people. Despite all the dishonesty of our time, they do not stick shells corruption. Novakova treatment - is a serious warning bell for the government. It does not move against him Sergei Bozhenova, which personally I respect, but against existing approaches and methods. What kind of amphibious march: nominated - approved? Why ignore the opinion of the population? If the president made a mistake by appointing Anatoly Brovko, why not explain to the voters? What we are insured against another similar mistake? Why the party with the election 15 percent of voters who call themselves the "party of power"? The party, whose legitimacy is questionable, proposes to the President, who stayed a month in office, the candidate of which the region's residents have learned a month ago. One gets the impression that Medvedev has forgotten that he was not king, but only a hired manager. I would place the members of the Volgograd Regional Duma is not in a hurry. "

Meanwhile, Secretary of the regional branch of the party "United Russia", the chairman of the Volgograd Regional Duma Vladimir Yefimov already made it clear that neither the party nor the Duma Ivan Novakova level proposal will not be considered.

В«This is the personal opinion of Mr Novakova, - said Vladimir Yefimov. - We have a lot of hits, and with regard to this particular treatment, we have no duty to consider it. Discuss the identity of the person based solely on Internet publications are not met and communicated with him personally, at least not correctly. The President made his choice. He made his run for parliament. Parliament to do what he needed it: consider the nomination. "

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