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In Astrakhan, burning houses and baths.

Set frosts make people stronger heat their homes, often neglecting safety measures.

- Daily in the Astrakhan region is from 4 to 7 fires in the residential sector - says press officer of the Regional Emergency Management Elena Shaposhnikov. - The main cause of emergency - in violation of heating homes. This is a short circuit, and perekal electric heaters and furnaces. Since the beginning of the year occurred in 83 fire, killing 5 people out of their one child, injured 4 people.

January 26 in Astrakhan, there have been three major fires. The first occurred in the Soviet area on 5th Street Road, 5. Post home on fire in the emergency services arrived at 15.38. After 20 minutes, fire was extinguished. Despite the fact that the area of damage to the small - only 15 square meters, a resident of the house died. 40-year-old invalid was killed in a fire.

preliminary cause of fire - a violation of safety rules for operation of the heating furnace.

same evening on Chekhov Street happened just two fires. From 9 to 10 pm burned house number 76. There were two apartments, inhabited by 12 people. Fire damaged an area of 40 square meters. Dead, fortunately, no. And about 11 at night lit apartment at number 63. On fire killed a woman, whose identity is established.

- In this connection, January 28 MOE inspectors have inspected the fire state apartments and houses on Chekhov Street, - said Elena Shaposhnikov.

It turned out that many homes do not observe basic rules of fire safety: no pritopochny sheet before the stove, dilapidated electrical wiring, electrical overload due to the inclusion in the outlet of several electrical appliances, drying linen over an open fire, a car parking in the narrow entrance to the yard ...

- All violators were issued an order in a specific time frame to address the shortcomings, - says Elena Shaposhnikov. - This is not the last raid of staff Fire inspection. In the near future will be tested housing in different areas of Astrakhan and the region. It is hoped that such tests will help convince Astrakhan in need of responsible attitude to their own safety.

By the way, on Saturday in Astrakhan Fired just two baths. However, not public, and private, but both in Trusovsky area on the street. Poor Damian and third Kerch. In each burned 10 square meters, the cause of fire - oven perekal. No one was injured.

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