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Power of Attorney for driving a car can be undone. Initiative

motorists on the abolition of the document support themselves "traffic cops".

Russian motorists - Runet users entered into correspondence with the traffic police. They offer the agency to cancel the warrant for driving. Volgograd in this matter is not left out. In OBLVESTI.RU asked one of the activists, who took an active part in this action.

- Many drivers have long understood that the power of attorney to manage - an anachronism, of which got rid of most of the civilized world, - says Alexey our interlocutor. - When legislate CTP, any need for these "red book" has faded. After all, if you entered in the policy, it means that you trusted a priori control the vehicle. This was on the internet saying for a long time, but now it came to real dialogue with the traffic police.

Talk refusal to institute a power of attorney to manage the car is now being actively carried out at several federal Internet forums and thematic communities "LiveJournal".

statements boil down to one thing - actually processing the document is not useful functions for either the driver or for the traffic police. Conversely, motorists attorney adds only problem - according to the Russian Administrative Code, if there is no car on the car pound to evacuate. Such cases it is enough - many drivers often accidentally overlooked this document at home or just forget it reissued.

В«Why it was introduced at all? - Given activists a question in the forums and get an answer. - Earlier, in Soviet times, any bureaucratic process was the state of fun, but times are changing. Now the power of attorney and liability insurance policy tool is duplicated, as the latter entered the data on persons who are admitted to driving. In the case of unrestricted use of CTP in the form of the policy can provide a place in which to inscribe the owner of all the persons he admitted. So we offer, finally, to cancel the written authorization. She has outlived its usefulness. "

В«The world practice has come to the following rule: if the driver (not the owner) and uses a vehicle that is not in the hijacking, a data sheet on it, more than any documents he is required - writes the "Learn" the head of the Moscow Center for combating congestion, Alexander Shumsky. - Registration as a power of attorney in writing does not interfere with its fake and does not create additional difficulties in the hijacking. In Europe and America there is a power of attorney. "

In this regard, members of initiative group asked the traffic police with a proposal to revoke the document and received an official response. From this it follows that the road is conceptually supports the abolition of the power of attorney, but this is supposedly not in the competence department. Motorists in this state that the traffic cops telling the whole story.

В«No, it is necessary to make changes to the SDA, but such changes are always prepared in the corridors of traffic police. But! Even then you can make a knight's move. Let the will power of attorney, which has a number of documents is registered. Let us out of the SDA 2.1.1 Russia remove its requirement to carry with you. That's it! There is no contradiction and unnecessary initiative ", - concluded the activists.

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