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The new governor of Volgograd started a "hack" the first head.

On the third day in office Acting Governor Sergei Bozhenov undertook a series of high-profile resignations ..

According to most observers, the rapid transition to the stage of active operations and demonstration of the new head of the region's aggressive leadership style is directly related to the approach of presidential elections, providing a convincing victory of Vladimir Putin which is to Sergei Bozhenova home, and unconditional priority.

According to a source at the regional office of the party "United Russia", is now left his post just three high-ranking officer of the regional administration.

his office lost the vice-governor of the inner and information policy Oleg Matveychev, which now takes place the first deputy secretary of the regional political council of the Volgograd regional branch of the party "United Russia" Oleg Kersanov up today, the acting head of Alexis region Volgograd region.

Together with Oleg Matveychevym, on which was responsible for the failure of the "United Russia" in the elections to the State Duma of the sixth convocation of the regional administration to leave the First Vice-Governor of Volgograd Region and Chairman Alexander Merkulov Construction Committee Catherine Belokon. The names of their successors resigns as yet unknown.

According to the interlocutor, not over the "new broom" and the administration of Volgograd. Today, the pink slip was the first deputy head Igor Pickalov Volgograd, formerly reputed to be the most "unsinkable," an official of the Volgograd region.

However, the policy of "hard hand" Sergei Bozhenova has already run into opposition from the retirees. If Oleg Matveychev admitted that he was ready to resign on January 19 and has already received an acceptable offer of new work in Moscow, Alexander Merkulov, who is known as the most qualified and competent deputy governor, just leave his post is not going to. He said that he would like to hear the proposal of resignation from the mouth of interim head of the region, and not from his emissaries, and simultaneously learn the reason for this decision.

According to political scientist Alexander Strizoe, in the very first decisions the new head of the region can be seen clear focus on the task of providing a convincing victory of Vladimir Putin in the presidential election. That is the problem, according to him, confronts Sergei Bozhenova federal government.

В«In Matveycheva replacement for Kersanova I see an attempt to solve the problem of electoral presidential election based not on theoretical and in practice, which is Oleg Kersanov - said Mr. Strizoe. - How will this effort is justified, time will tell. "

However, to realize the strategic goal to ensure the victory of a candidate "number one" in the first round, Sergei Bozhenov, according to Alexander Strizoe, can only committing three "miracle."

В«first" miracle "- the return of Roman Grebennikov, as Acting Mayor, the appointment of early presidential elections in Volgograd and the Volgograd City Duma - lists the expert.

- Since the failure of "United Russia" in the region related to the illegal overthrow of the Mayor, Volgograd must return what they took.

second - it is necessary either to Viktor Zubkov as the patron of the region, for which residents voted in the Volgograd region of past elections, or Vladimir Putin promised to February 2 aid to the region in addressing socio-economic problems . As Vyacheslav Volodin did the federal infusion of Saratov, Astrakhan Region Governor Alexander Zhilkin - in Astrakhan, thus denoting the federal government care about our region. Patriotic rhetoric is not enough.

Third - Acting Governor should find a common language with public opinion. Become her in such a short period of time is impossible, it is not necessary. Just to be able to negotiate, to ensure maximum transparency and clarity to the public of their goals and concrete steps. "

There is no doubt that Sergei Bozhenov "took off the bat," because of lack of time remaining until the presidential elections, and political analyst Konstantin Glushenkov.

В«The main task of Acting Governor is to provide the most smooth running of elections, scandals, heartbreaking conversions and other negatives, which in the parliamentary elections in the country famous for the Volgograd Region - says Mr. Glushenok. - This is a general problem Bozhenova, much like a Terminator - "Sarah Connor kill" all the other tasks completely subordinate to its main goal and have a secondary character. So, if he will be left until the presidential election time to solve some pressing for the region's socio-economic issues, it is only within the framework of solving the main problem. "

political analyst Vitaly Arkov also believes that the main region in a series of resignations had torn the replacement failed the election of deputies to the State Duma Oleg Oleg Matveycheva to another - Kersanova.

В«Appointment Kersanova directly related to the upcoming presidential election, - the gentleman Arkov. - This is a man who is considered the leader of a hard domineering warehouse, not suffering any objection from the subordinates. In the area under its jurisdiction, "United Russia" steadily gaining in the elections a high percentage. Elected the company he spent quite tough, and the bet is placed on the fact that his tough style may help in the presidential elections. However, the measures that have proved successful across a small area may not work at the regional level. The same goes for Sergei Bozhenova who has successful experience in conducting election campaigns at the level of Astrakhan, which is not comparable in scale with the Volgograd region В».

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